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Selecting the Right Cabinet Door Style for Your Kitchen

The cabinet door. There are many styles that match your particular design preference, whether that’s a traditional or contemporary or shaker.

Selecting the right door style can be overwhelming, yet exciting when it comes time to install your RTA cabinetry. The process doesn’t have to be so overwhelming when you know exactly what you want. The different styles appeal to different tastes.

The good news is that these door styles are available on the affordable quality cabinets you can find right here at In Stock Kitchens. Here’s the guide so you can select the cabinet door style that is right for you and matches your décor.

raised kitchen cabinetsRaised/Recessed Style

Complementing square doors, the raised/recessed style adds a high level of flexibility for any kitchen style. This is one of the most popular styles of kitchen cabinet doors.

Natural wood is always a higher value door, and that’s what you’ll find with In Stock Kitchens. The grooves of the raised/recessed panels for a deep, attractive profile that gives the doors a nice, attractive shadow effect at the top of the cabinet.

Ungrooved Slabs

One of the styles that are becoming more popular with the price points, slab cabinets provide a modern flair to your kitchen. When you’re looking for a frameless cabinet that adds to the simplistic look and appeal of your kitchen appliances, the slabs are a perfect choice.

Classic Shakerwhite shaker kitchen cabinets

Based on the historic furniture style of Shaker, this solid insert is most always a natural wood finish. You can find shakers in lighter or darker woods, from oak, maple, cherry, or other natural woods. The shakers provide a sense of elegance with their clean style. Some shakers provide a rustic feel, and is a great option for many homeowners.

Other Options?

Browse our collection and styles of doors that stand out to you. We have an extension collection of quality cabinets that would look perfect in your kitchen. Reach out to us if you have any questions about door styles or other types of cabinets.

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