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Tips for Keeping Your White Kitchen Clean

buy discount kitchen cabinetsWhen you’re remodeling the kitchen with white cabinets, it’s a timeless and classic look. They have been a top trend for years, and maintain that natural appeal. Homeowners love the fresh and clean attributes, plus the fact that it remains as easy as ever to decorate white cabinetry.

However, because of the color, white tends to be more susceptible to dirt, stains, and a buildup of mildew on the surface. How can you make sure to retain the cleanliness of your white kitchen cabinets?

Wipe Down the Cabinets Regularly

Because of their color, white cabinets will need to be cleaned regularly. While you should be cleaning and maintaining all colors of wood cabinets to prevent moisture and rust, white cabinets get dirty quicker, requiring more upkeep. There’s no need to use harsh chemicals, and some aggressive chemical cleaners can make white cabinets appear streaky.

Use the Exhaust Fan

When cooking food, the arome from the stovetop creates microscopic particles of food and grease. The particles become embedded into the cabinetry. Using the exhaust fan when cooking meals will help the particles avoid landing on the cabinets to keep them bright and white.

Brighten Up The White

As aesthetically pleasing as white cabinets are, there are times where stains require more than wiping down. For white sinks for example, use some lemon juice and let it soak the stains. For some heavier stains that appear on the white cabinetry, lay some paper towels over the stains and lightly spray bleach. The use of paper towels will help hold the bleach in place while the stains are lifted.

White cabinets open up your space to make it seem brighter and more inviting. The solid wood, white stained discount kitchen cabinets are likely to remain in style for years to come.

When you’re ready to buy kitchen cabinets, view the selection of white cabinetry we have at In Stock Kitchens. You’ll get affordable prices and quality construction for years to come. The premium birch wood will remain clean and shining in the natural light of your kitchen well into the future.

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