Universal Design for Your Kitchen Remodel

affordable kitchen cabinetsWhen you’re thinking of remodeling the kitchen, you may want to incorporate a universal design. Whether you’re remodeling for resale value or thinking of the future, a universal design is the idea that the space will be functional regardless of size or disability.

Making the kitchen universal means the design works for everyone that finds themselves in the space, from children to grandparents. Plus, it helps you avoid having to make expensive modifications in the years to come. Modifying the kitchen should make the home last as long as possible, and you should consider affordable kitchen cabinets to help save money needed for all appliances.

There are a few ways to adjust the design to become universal in all areas of the kitchen. At In Stock Kitchens, our focus lies on the cabinetry, and we’ll take you through incorporating a universal design for your cabinets.

Configuration of the Cabinets

For a universal design, taller base molding and toe kicks can push the cabinets higher off the ground, allowing easy access for members of the family that have difficulty bending down. If your current kitchen design has cabinets that reach the ceiling, you may want to restructure the configuration with a remodel that doesn’t have the cabinets reaching that high to cut back on unused storage space in the kitchen. Plus, considering a low dish cabinets could help make putting away clean dishes easier for everyone in the family. Think of the ways you can make grabbing storage items easier for older members of the family, younger members of the family, and everyone who will have access to your kitchen.

Lighting in the Kitchen

When you choose the solid wood, shaker kitchen cabinets from In Stock Kitchens, there are other options to consider to ensure your entire kitchen is designed universal. Let’s consider lighting. Natural light is always best, but adding task lighting above the cooking stations in your space will ensure visibility regardless of the time of day. To avoid locating items in a dark cabinet, there are in-cabinet and under-cabinet lighting options that can add more light to your kitchen design.

Surfacing Options

Make sure the cabinets complement the surrounding decor and counters. A tedious aspect of any kitchen is maintenance, upkeep, and cleanliness. Selecting countertops that are easy to care for and simple to clean is the right choice to make. Some surfaces can stain easier than natural stone countertops. Do your research on countertop options before deciding what is right for you. Just make sure that the surface complements your cabinetry.

As you’re considering a new kitchen design, consider a universal design for the future of your home. Start the process by opting for solid wood birch cabinets from In Stock Kitchens.

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