Your Go-To Guide to Modern Cabinetry

kitchen cabinets onlineAre you planning on making changes to the interior design of your kitchen? From new countertops to an update in wood cabinet constructions, there are many modern options waiting to be discovered and installed in your kitchen.

In the past couple of years, we’ve seen a modern kitchen style and design begin to dominate kitchens in the greater Philadelphia area. Homeowners are investing in modern cabinetry, which forms the crux of the kitchen, adding a unique touch that allows the freedom to be creative in your design.

Choosing the right kitchen cabinets online can make or break the look and appeal of your new space.

Construction of Modern Cabinetry

With cabinet construction, you have the option of framed or frameless cabinets, creating an aesthetic for the structure of your kitchen. When choosing a modern cabinetry style, most homes see frameless cabinets with the use of an overlay. A trademark of modern cabinets is a full overlay where the cabinet doors overlap the face frame for a sleek and polished appeal.

Modern Cabinet Doors

When looking at new cabinet constructions, door fronts may not seem like an area of focus or a big deal. For an interior design finish, the doors can mean the difference between an appealing and unappealing finish. Flat-front doors are used when you’re looking to define the symmetry of the cabinet. Shaker fronts are used because of their minimal detailing that provide a modern appeal while maintaining a not too decorative design. The modern cabinet focuses on simplicity and you can find a number of modern kitchen cabinets in stock right here.

Colors of Modern Cabinetry

While simple is key for modern cabinetry, many homeowners choose to install white cabinets into their kitchens. However, equally popular in modern homes are two-toned accents. Specially, neutral colors meshed with warm brown colors for wood cabinets. Two-toned with solid birch wood and white or other neutral colors will help you get the most from your modern redesign.


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