Modern Kitchens Transformed with Maple Stained Cabinets

quality kitchen cabinetsMany homeowners looking to update their kitchen choose the simplicity of a modern design. Cabinets are the backbone of any kitchen, and to complement the simple tones of a modern kitchen, maple kitchen cabinets can be the perfect choice. Our solid birch wood stained cabinets provide a maple accent that result in a feeling of elegance and sophistication.

Maple stains provide the modern aesthetics and warmth to complement any kitchen of any size. As wood is a popular kitchen cabinet material, at In Stock Kitchens you can create the maple feeling of a cozy and warm atmosphere. With so many advantages to the ambiance, how do maple stains play with the rest of your kitchen?

Complements Kitchen Decor

Maple stained cabinets help bring out your dream kitchen as they complement your kitchen decor. When you’re updating with granite or other natural stone countertops, know that maple wood stains will blend nicely with your counters. On the same front, any stainless steel appliances or tile backsplashes are brought to the forefront with maple colored cabinets.

With their smooth grains, you can create a modern lifestyle with warmth and comfort through a focus on maple. In each stain, you can bring out your personality with the cheap, quality kitchen cabinets from In Stock Kitchens. Maple is traditionally light colored wood, but if you prefer darker shades, you can choose the stain that suits your tastes and preferences.

Why Choose Maple?

Maple is a sophisticated look that provides a very strong wood which will last many years after your remodel. Plus, the ability to provide resistance to moisture and stains helps maple become the choice for homeowners that know their kitchen is heavily trafficked.

Another advantage that makes maple stains a popular choice is their versatility. Working with almost every kitchen design, their non-porous surface is the final touch that makes your kitchen stand out.

One of the biggest advantages is the stain finish, helping you achieve the exact color that suits your design and decor. Plus, with the stained cabinets, you can find the quality cabinets that suit your budget. When you’re ready to take the step and complete your kitchen remodel, consider maple wood stains from In Stock Kitchens.

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