Are Dark or Light Cabinets Better for Your Home?

buy kitchen cabinetsThe color of your cabinetry can transform the kitchen. All homes are different and unique in their own way, so when you’re getting ready to remodel the kitchen, the color of your cabinets may be the most important decision. Think about the look and feel of your home, and what you’re trying to create with a new design.

When it comes time to buy kitchen cabinets, consider the following to make the right decision for your kitchen space.

  • Think about the size of your kitchen. For smaller kitchen spaces, a darker tone can make the area feel cramped and crowded. In most smaller kitchens, a lighter tone makes the room feel more open and gives the aura of creating more space.
  • What type of mood are your trying to create? Much of the visual space of the kitchen is occupied by the cabinets, so you want the finished color to represent your vision and personality. The cabinet color should be selected prior to the color of any appliance, backsplash, or surrounding decor.
  • Know the kitchen design. Once you have an idea of the new kitchen design, the color choice will become more narrowed. For more traditional kitchens, some lighter whites or cream tones can help complete the kitchen design.
  • Understand which colors will appeal to potential buyers if you end up moving. The spectrum of stained finishes at In Stock Kitchens are neutral and appealing for all homeowners, and updated cabinetry can create a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

Looking closer, our stains are all natural solid wood and can be anywhere from white to light colored wood to dark shades of wood to black.

White cabinets have become a popular choice amongst homeowners. The bright colors create a welcoming environment, also producing a calming effect providing the opportunity to add different colors to other areas of the kitchen.

On the other hand, black and dark colored wood stains work well in traditional kitchens and provide the perfect complement for walls and countertops that use lighter tones. There are an endless variety of colors to choose from, and stained cabinets from In Stock Kitchens highlight the natural character of the wood.

While you can select any color you’d like, think about whether light or dark kitchen cabinets make sense to your home. Plus, you’ll have the option of fully assembled or RTA cabinetry that arrive in the same quality and will stand the test of time.

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