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Top Reasons to Consider New Cabinets in 2019

inexpensive kitchen cabinetsAs we plan home improvement projects and renovations in the upcoming year, it can be tough to narrow down which areas of your home the focus should be on, especially where to start. Homeowners, their family and friends, spend a lot of time in the kitchen and the space has become a central hub in the home.

In the year 2019, take a strong look at your cabinetry and determine whether you should replace cheap and old cabinets with updated, sturdy, and inexpensive kitchen cabinets. Let’s look at some top reasons that homeowners consider new cabinets.

  • Structural Damage

When you haven’t replaced your cabinets or provided the proper upkeep over years of home ownership, the cabinets may have undergone structural damage and wear and tear accumulation over the years. Cabinets can begin to look worn and grimy after continual opening and closing of the cabinets, adding and removing items, and overall age can help be the leading factor that pushes you in the direction of purchasing new cabinets. Some telltale signs are a rotted frame, water damage, and mold infestation. The wood could be severely falling apart, damaged beyond repair.

  • You’re Looking at a New Layout

If you’re going to completely change the layout of your kitchen, you need a whole new design. You could be changing where the cabinets appear in the space, or adding or subtracting the amount of cabinets based on said changes. You have a unique vision for your kitchen, and new cabinets can help ensure that vision comes to life.

  • New Kitchen Appliances and Accessories

If you’ve recently purchased new appliances or accessories, from countertops to refrigerators to backsplashes or dishwashers, complement those new features to your kitchen space with updated cabinetry. With new technology-focused appliances gaining popularity in the kitchen, including voice-enabled refrigerators and gadgets, your cabinets could be hindering the overall appearance of your kitchen. Get your cabinets to match the new appliances to make the room stand out further. Make sure you’re looking at the big picture and that your Alexa-enabled devices aren’t surrounded by outdated cabinets. We have the cherry and shaker kitchen cabinets that complete the look of your home.

There are many things we take for granted in our homes, and knowing that we use our cabinets multiple times on a daily basis, we shouldn’t overlook our cabinetry. Shop at In Stock Kitchens to find the quality cabinetry that are perfect for your home and new kitchen design.

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