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Tips for Choosing the Right Stain for Wood Cabinets

quality kitchen cabinetsOne of the biggest decisions for any kitchen remodel is the color of your cabinetry. While you can take a look at colors and figure whether it would look right in your home, it’s likely that the stain color may be a little different once applied to your cabinets. Knowing some of the finer details about the stains and the styles of kitchen the stains will complement can further push you in the right direction.

Establishing quality kitchen cabinets takes many factors into consideration, like construction and type of wood, but the stain color may be the most important. Stains can take on a slightly different look for different types of grains, and how well the wood can absorb the stain can also impact the finished product.

Cabinets are a central part of the home, and the stain choice can make or break your entire home design. These tips can help you understand how stain colors work with the elements in your kitchen.

  • Oak or Blonde Stains: Staining the wood in a light blonde or oak color help you establish a traditional look in the home.
  • Brown Stains: Darker brown stains have been gaining in popularity over the traditional oak stains. They help achieve a stark contrast with stainless steel appliances and create an eye-appealing kitchen design. However, if using this stain in a smaller kitchen space, it can lead to a dark and dreary appearance. If you have stainless steel appliances and lighter neutral backsplashes in the kitchen space, brown stains like cherry colored can assist in making your kitchen stand out.
  • Black: As kitchens are turning into a modern tone and feature, black stains have started to appear in more kitchens. It’s a neutral stain that pairs well with bold colors in the kitchen. One idea homeowners are shifting toward is splitting the stain to choose black for lower cabinetry and lighter options for upper cabinets.
  • White: The clean look of white stains are optimal for small and medium sized spaces. White naturally complements any color of appliance and countertop.

The best tip before making a choice of stain when you’re buying kitchen cabinets is to look at the colors in the lighting of your kitchen. Take a sample of the stain into your kitchen to understand how it will react to the lighting and feel of the space.

Sometimes it’s best to be patient. This is one of the biggest investments you can make for your home. Your wood may not absorb the stain the same way as other wood species, affecting the outcome of the stain. Find the perfect stain for your kitchen at In Stock Kitchens when you’re searching for kitchen cabinets for sale.

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