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What Cabinet Door Style is Right for Your Kitchen?

affordable kitchen cabinetsThe kitchen is the focal point of your home, where family and friends mingle. You want the kitchen to stand out, and that starts with the cabinets. How will your cabinets set the tone for your home?

The tone of your cabinets is defined by the doors. The different designs and styles of doors can define your home for years to come. With affordable quality cabinets from In Stock Kitchens, you’re presented with many options that will work best for your home remodeling project.

There are many popular styles of doors where some styles are more prone to a traditional kitchen design while others are seen more in transitional or modern kitchen designs.

  • Raised Panel: Through a raised center panel on the doors of the cabinetry, you’ll find a surrounding contour that makes for an elegant and smooth finish. Best suited for a traditional or transitional kitchen, raised panel is available in a few variations. From a square raised panel to an arched or cathedral looking panel. Raised panel doors have maintained their elegant appeal for many years and are a top option for homeowners remodeling their home.
  • Slab Doors: Often used in a contemporary design, the slab cabinet door is solid and does not include a panel or a frame. The slab doors are simply a flat slab and have no accents, contours, or recessed panels.
  • Flat Panel Doors: Unlike the raised panel doors, a flat panel door gets its name because the center panel is flat as opposed to raised. Homeowners seek flat panel doors when they wish to accomplish a sleek and clean design. On the flat panel door, the outer edges are raised instead of the center panel, creating a natural appeal. These doors pair nicely with traditional designs.

The door has a lasting effect on the overall appearance and appeal of the kitchen. When you’re looking to redesign the kitchen, our kitchen cabinets for sale are made of the highest quality birch wood and stained to match the feel of your space and your home. Browse our inventory online and find the right door style that will add to the allure of your kitchen space.

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