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Deciding Whether You Want a Modern, Contemporary, or Transitional Kitchen

The style of your home is highly personal, and the kitchen is used to bring out your personality. Through its design, construction, style, and overall ambiance, you want the kitchen to be the focal point and attraction of your home. It sets the stage for the ambiance and comfort of your entire home.

The first step to achieving the look and feel you want your kitchen to display is understanding the different terms associated with kitchens. As you conduct research for your new kitchen, you’ll see terms like modern, contemporary, and transitional, but how will you know what differentiates these styles and what they each entail?

Modern Kitchen Styles

You’ll hear the term modern used in many common facets when you’re looking to remodel the kitchen. Modern style is a kitchen that features an open and airy feel to the space. The open ambiance allows the natural beauty of your home to shine through the space. You can create a modern appeal with solid wood kitchen cabinets, but know that the overall kitchen design does lack layers, patterns, and textures seen with other styles. Modern cabinets are typically flat panels with a frameless design and overlay doors. The solid wood is a popular choice, but homeowners will avoid extra details like raised panels and moldings to ensure the cabinets are the focus of the room.

Transitional Kitchen Styles

Transitional are the most popular style, a middle ground between modern and traditional. They are a flexible blend and are ideal for couples and families that have different opinions and tastes when it comes to the design. By mixing the clean lines of modern appeals with the inviting atmosphere of traditional styles, the cabinets are clean and crisp. The panel-style woods include modest hardware and a darker colored wood stain.

Contemporary Kitchen Styles

Slightly similar, yet different to modern style kitchens and cabinets, contemporary includes high-tech features and sleek, clean accents. To develop a kitchen that is cutting edge, homeowners choose contemporary styles. The goal with cabinetry is a seamless layout with traditional types of cabinets. A slab front aids the streamlined look of the room. Under cabinet lighting, glass countertops, heavy patterns, and futuristic appliances complete the look of a contemporary kitchen.

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