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A Quick Look at Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

When you’re undergoing a kitchen renovation, it helps to know each area that you’re looking to upgrade and what different styles are called. The cabinets are one of the main focal points in your home, and the door styles are an essential element of the overall design.

When you shop to buy kitchen cabinets, you’ll be faced with one of three different types of cabinet doors: Inset, Partial Overlay, and Full Overlay. Inset doors are the oldest style of cabinet doors with small hinges mounted on the face frame. It’s a very traditional feel that creates a lasting appeal. Partial Overlay doors are a more modern style where the doors are mounted over the face of the box, partially covering the frame while fully covering the opening. This style works well with small kitchen spaces and more transitional design of the entire kitchen. Full Overlay is the most modern design where the face completely overlays the box and the hinges are hidden. Full overlay works best in a contemporary style.

The three types of doors have unique styles associated with them. Once you choose the door type you’d like installed in your home, then you have to decide on the style of the door.

  • Shaker – This is the most popular style of cabinet doors for homeowners. The five-piece flat-panel features clean lines and a utilitarian look. Shaker is found in homes with almost any decor, coming in a variety of wood finishes.
  • Beadboard – the chic nature of beadboard cabinet doors creates a clean, bright, and homey look.
  • Inset – Often the most expensive style, inset styles offer a classic look with visible hinges and proper construction.
  • Flat – Simple and stylish, flat panels are slim on the details. The minimalist forms and hard lines are perfect fits for your modern, contemporary kitchen. Flat panels are easy to clean and maintain.
  • DIstressed – For a more traditional and antique style of door, distressed is an excellent choice.

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