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The Characteristics of Birth Wood Kitchen Cabinets

For a new kitchen remodel, you need versatile cabinets that help you achieve your dream kitchen on a budget. At In Stock Kitchens, all of our quality cabinetry is made from birch wood, with the ability to stain to the color of your choosing.

When it comes to birch wood inexpensive kitchen cabinets, what are the characteristics that make the style in-demand and a top option for homeowners?\

Variety of Birch Species

Birch is a light colored hardwood material that includes a variety of different species. It’s thin, whitebark features a resin and peels around the tree. The main reason homeowners are able to get this quality wood at affordable prices is because of their availability. Birchwood and trees are plentiful in the area, allowing us to craft high-quality cabinetry that fits perfectly with the surrounding decor of your home.

Perfect Wood for Staining

You have a vision of the color you want your cabinets to feature. After all, they are the focal point of your home and create an ambiance that helps your home stand out. The light tone of the wood makes it an exceptional wood style for staining. Across the spectrum, you can complement the interior design of your home with white to dark-colored stains. With its straight grain, we’ve seen homeowners stain the birch wood white, oak, cherry, mahogany, and black. You can get the full grasp of stains when you buy kitchen cabinets online and view our inventory. Due to the grain or birch wood, when stained to darker colors they take on the appearance of a more expensive, custom wood.

Low Cost to Help You Save

The cost of cabinetry makes up the bulk of your kitchen redesign project. With birchwood, you can save money for other features of your kitchen while knowing you’ll create a durable and smoother cabinet design. Homeowners get a high-quality hardwood kitchen at low cost with birch wood.

When drilling into the birch wood, know that nails and screws will stay in place, helping you achieve long-lasting new cabinets. As you prepare for your home remodel, think of the benefits that birch provides, and browse our inventory to get started on your kitchen remodel

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