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Why Choose Stained Wood Cabinets for your New Kitchen

When it comes to saving money for kitchen remodels, there are alternative avenues you can take that help you stay on budget. There are many enhancements and upgrades you can choose to customize the kitchen, but there are many values adds and the benefits you’ll receive from choosing stained wood cabinets.

At In Stock Kitchens, all of our cabinets are manufactured from high-quality birch wood, given they are readily available. Then, your cabinets are stained to match your interests, personality, and surrounding decor. Online kitchen cabinets that are stained provide the balance and beauty your kitchen needs, allowing the solid wood features to stand out.

Whether you want to choose white stains, black stains, or a variety of lighter and darker wood stains, we have you covered. Here are some reasons why you should choose stained wood cabinets for your new kitchen.

It Creates & Provides a Simple Touch-Up

When comparing to painted cabinets, stains offer more longevity and value. Painted kitchen cabinets can begin to show signs of wear and tear more quickly as the paint begins to fade. However, when stains begin to wear, they are much easier to touch up and keep the solid foundation you’ve created. When you’re looking for markers to match the stain, you have a variety of options to choose from that resemble the grain.

Puts the Solid Wood Features on Display

Stained birch wood cabinets create a fine balance between texture and color, making the final wood stain the showcase your kitchen yearns for. The final appeal is a value add for many homeowners, making the cabinets the spotlight in your kitchen. Whether you’re hoping to achieve an oak wood feel or you’re interested in cherry kitchen cabinets stained to the perfect color and design, stains are the smart choice. They appear thinner and the beauty of the wood is enhanced.

A Value Add for Your Kitchen

Cabinets take up the majority of the budget on any kitchen redesign project. Stains help you create the look of a custom kitchen at a much more affordable price. You’ll receive the same quality of birch wood with more of your budget available for focus on other aspects of your kitchen remodel.

When you’re looking to remodel the kitchen, choose stained cabinets overpainted. You’ll see high-quality features and finishes that last many years. Browse our online catalog to find the stain that works best for your home.

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