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The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors in 2019

Heading into the summer of 2019, many homeowners are planning their home remodeling projects. When the focus is on the kitchen, the biggest decision you make is the cabinets. However, when you walk into a cabinet showroom, you can be quickly and easily overwhelmed. With the styles, colors, and designs, there are many options and it can be tough to narrow them down.

The color is the hardest part, but knowing the top trending colors can help in your search. Let’s look at the top color trends of the year and how homeowners are redesigning their kitchens with pre-assembled and RTA cabinetry.

White Cabinets

White is a trending color because of its clean and crisp look. White defines cleanliness and has been the leading cabinet color for many years. It’s a great color for many styles of kitchens and goes well with a modern kitchen design. With the trend of white cabinets, you will know the cabinetry will never go out of style. The timeless appeal and complementary color to other appliances and decor, white has been a mainstay in kitchens for many years and it isn’t going anywhere.

Black Cabinets

On the complete opposite end of the color spectrum, homeowners are opting for black cabinets when they have natural light and want that more modern look in the kitchen space. Black tends to work best in large kitchens with plenty of space. Plus, pairing the cabinets with white appliances and countertops help ensure the black stands out in the kitchen. For homeowners that spend time in the kitchen cooking and don’t want stains or other spills to show on the cabinetry, black cabinets are the perfect color. With the crisp look of black cabinets, you’d want to make sure the cabinet doors aren’t too detailed.

Walnut Stains

When looking for a natural wood color stain, walnut seems to be the upcoming trend. Walnut stains offer a unique color finish and work well in many types of kitchens. There are a wide variety of shades that resemble walnut so homeowners have some luxury in ensuring they get the right shade for their home. The walnut is highlighted with a natural finish and the stain proves to be long-lasting and durable.

When you’re starting your search for a remodeled kitchen and looking for kitchen cabinets for sale, keep these color trends in mind and narrow your search a little further to make the best decision for your home. Shop at In Stock Kitchens to find the stain that meets your interest.

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