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What to Take Into Account When Looking at Cabinet Doors

Planning a new kitchen can be stressful and time-consuming. Whether you’re updating to modernize the home or updating the look to appeal more to your appliances, the cabinets are the top priority to maintaining an attractive look and appeal.

There are many options available to choose affordable quality cabinets for your kitchen, and it starts with the door style. With the cabinets as a whole, there are colors and other accents you’d take into consideration to complete the traditional or modern look, but choosing the door style first is critical. Understanding how your doors will be displayed goes a long way in the overall finish you achieve, but there are some things to keep in mind before choosing the door style.

Determine the Look You Want to Create

What kind of kitchen are you looking to create? Is it traditional or modern? Rustic, sleek, or clean? Sophisticated or casual? There are many questions that need answers but once you decide on the kind of kitchen you’re looking to create, it will be easier to decide on the door. The most popular style of cabinet doors include slabs, shakers, flat panels, and raised panels. We have a variety of each of these styles in our selection at In Stock Kitchens.

What Kind of Maintenance is Best?

Every family and homeowner is different when it comes to upkeep and maintenance. Families with young children or homeowners that are very busy may consider flat panels or shaker style cabinets as they’re easy to wipe down and keep looking like new. Homeowners with no kids or grown kids may consider something a little fancier as they won’t need the constant quick wipe down that is required with younger children. Think of the lifestyle of you and your family, and choose a door style that meets that lifestyle.

What about the hardware?

The hardware is important to the overall look of the finished kitchen, from the knobs to the pulls. It’s important to note that not all cabinet hardware works with different kitchen cabinet doors styles. If you’re looking for hardware to complement the doors and overall cabinet style, the hardware shouldn’t be an issue.

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