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Cabinet Door Styles: What You Should Know

The focal point of your home is the kitchen, and when entering the kitchen, cabinets take the focus. They lay the groundwork for the overall design of the home. With cabinets, one of the areas you need to focus on during your remodel are the doors, from the style to the color.

Cabinet doors set the tone for space, complementing surrounding appliances and decor. A central component to the visual appeal, choosing the right door style can be overwhelming. How will you know what the right door style is when you’re shopping for affordable quality cabinets?

There are three main door styles that can help enhance the appeal of your kitchen design. Each is unique in their own way, and you should choose one to suit your needs.

  1. Raised Panel Cabinets
    1. Raised panels offer a traditional style and have proven to stand the test of time. As the name suggests, the middle of the door features a raised panel to create a groove between the central panel and the frame. Bringing depth to the panel, the raised panel is used to create a rectangle inside the cabinet door finish. These cabinets are best used in traditional style kitchens.
  2. Flat Panel Cabinets
    1. A sleek, modern appearance is created with flat panel cabinets. Also referred to as slab doors, the flat panel finish features no frames or grooves. Flat panels are most commonly seen in the contemporary and modern kitchen due to their clean and minimalist appearance.
  3. Recessed Panel Cabinets
    1. Recessed panels are put on display most frequently with shaker kitchen cabinets. Offering a bit of traditional and a bit of modern or contemporary appearances, these cabinets create a straight-forward design. Shakers and recessed panels have been a popular choice for homeowners for many years and remain a top option today because they support many details within the overall design of the kitchen.

At In Stock Kitchens, we use quality birch wood in all our cabinetry, creating natural lines in the door panels. No matter what color you’re looking to install in your new-look kitchen, our stains cover the spectrum for wood kitchen cabinets. Browse cabinets online to find the door style that would work in your kitchen. We have just the style you’re looking for.

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