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Cabinet Door Styles: Which Should You Choose?

The wood in your kitchen enhances the appeal of your kitchen. With natural solid birch wood from In Stock Kitchens, you know you’re getting a quality finish that will add to the appeal of your kitchen. Looking at door styles, which should you choose when remodeling the kitchen?

Two popular styles of cabinet doors include flat and raised panels. The door style and drawer fronts are at the core of the kitchen’s look and appeal. Before you opt to remodel the kitchen, it’s important to have an understanding of what you’d like to see with the door style, whether raised, recessed, or flat.

Raised Panel cabinets have a center panel that is raised above the rest of the door, usually with a flat border around it. On the other side, Flat Panel cabinets have a flat center panel but a raised border, giving a clean look to the design.

All cabinets can come pre-assembled and ready to install, or you can opt for RTA kitchen cabinets that maintain the same quality features at a fraction of the cost. Think about that, as well, when you’re deciding on new cabinets.

Qualities of Raised Panel Cabinets

A raised panel is when the center portion of the cabinet is slightly raised. Many times, homeowners looking to maintain a traditional design in their kitchen opt for raised panels. The center panel raised a little higher than the surrounding wood is a timeless, traditional design that creates a fine space.

Qualities of Flat Panel Cabinets

The flat panel is a more contemporary and modern look, offering a minimal and sleek appearance modern kitchen absorb. The center panel is flat as opposed to contoured or raised. The ultra-popular shaker style cabinet is a form of flat panel and has maintained appeal due to its simplicity and minimalist look. The flat panel is able to blend in seamlessly to many different kitchen designs, helping transform the appeal of your home.

From flat to raised, the style of door is one of the biggest decisions you’ll face when you’re looking to remodel the kitchen. Consider the qualities when you’re looking to create a traditional or contemporary look in the room. At In Stock Kitchens, we have a variety of each door style, and our inexpensive kitchen cabinets are quality to make sure you’re making the right investment to improve your home.

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