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The Value of Installing Pre-Assembled Cabinets in Your Kitchen

A kitchen remodel is refreshing and provides a new look and feel in your home. Managing the expense of kitchen cabinets can be difficult to stay on budget. In Stock Kitchens, you are receiving quality wood cabinets at an affordable price. The birch wood can be stained to a color of your choosing and comes in two forms, pre-assembled or ready to assemble.

When you choose pre-assembled kitchen cabinets for sale, there are certain benefits that show value with the option. It’s more practical and easier on your wallet to choose pre-assembled cabinets over custom cabinetry.


As opposed to RTA kitchen cabinets where you’re responsible for the assembly and installation, pre-assembled cabinets are cut to the exact size and shape of the dimensions in your kitchen. You’ll find they fit into the space you’ve set aside for new cabinets, making the task a bit easier and completing the process of installation quicker. This provides an added convenience for homeowners over RTA cabinets which arrive at your door in flat slabs and require assembly yourself.

Options for Cabinetry

You want a customized look and feel for your new kitchen. In Stock Kitchens, there are a variety of stains to create the color you wish to display. From a white stain to solid wood stains that range from oak colors to walnut and chestnut woods and down the spectrum to dark and black stains. With this variety, you can follow your vision with quality in stock cabinetry that won’t break your budget.

Cost of Cabinets

At In Stock Kitchens, you know that you’re receiving the finest in quality cabinetry at a cost that leaves plenty of budget for remodeling the rest of the kitchen. At In Stock Kitchens, you’ll find cost savings of thousands of dollars over custom cabinetry. Even with the pre-assembly and ready to install, the cost savings help you do more with less.

Know that you can accomplish everything you would with custom cabinets at In Stock Kitchens. The look, style, design, and feel of the cabinetry creates a lasting presence in your kitchen that will be admired for years to come. Choose pre-assembled kitchen cabinets from In Stock Kitchens when you’re looking for a remodeled kitchen. Shop online today.

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