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Comparing Ready to Assemble with Pre-Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

Remodeling the kitchen requires careful planning, attention to detail, and sticking to your budget. There are plenty of options available that can be intriguing, but the price points aren’t within your set aside budget. The cabinets take up the bulk of your kitchen remodel budget and are arguably the most important decision you will make. Quality cabinets that last for many years ensure you get the most for your dollar.

How can you make sure you’re saving everything you can when it comes to cabinet selection? In Stock Kitchens, we have a quality inventory where our styles can be stained to any color that matches your vision of your dream kitchen. Once we have them stained, you can then choose whether you want the convenience of pre-assembled cabinets or would rather save a few extra dollars with ready to assemble or RTA cabinetry.

The main difference you’ll see with these two kinds of cabinets is that RTA cabinets are shipped in flat-panel boxes cut to the dimensions of your kitchen, and ready for you to assemble. You’ll save on labor costs. On the other hand, pre-assembled cabinets arrive at your door already assembled into the structure of your choosing and are ready to be installed without any additional labor work. These are mounted in no time.

RTA Cabinets vs. Pre-Assembled Cabinets

With each style of cabinet, you can be confident you’re getting a quality structure that is strong and versatile. While remaining identical in quality and strength, an advantage is given to RTA because of the reduced cost due to homeowners responsible for the labor. We all have busy schedules and daily responsibilities, so if you’re looking for convenience then pre-assembled saves you time and effort for installation. Depending on the size of the kitchen, the assembly could take hours so purchasing pre-assembled is easy and convenient.

The one thing that homeowners should know about RTA or pre-assembled cabinets is the shipping time. Flat slabs in the RTA cabinets will arrive at your door much quicker when you buy cabinets online as opposed to the pre-assembled pieces. This is because the cabinets first have to be assembled to the right size and are shipped ready to install. For a quick remodel, RTA may be the best option, though you’ll be expected to conduct the labor.

You can’t go wrong with cabinets from In Stock Kitchens. When you’re ready to remodel the kitchen, browse our available cabinets to remodel the space at an affordable price.

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