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Why Choose Shaker Style Cabinets for Your New Kitchen

When you are contemplating a kitchen redesign, there are many burning questions. From the style (traditional, modern, transitional) or the cabinet construction quality, there are many thoughts running through your mind. If you’re caught in between the decision of traditional or modern and you still want the appeal that helps your kitchen stand out, shaker kitchen cabinets make the best option.

Shaker cabinets provide a certain elegant ambiance to enhance your kitchen design, creating a space that stands out to family and guests of your home. What makes shaker style cabinets one of the tops draws for homeowners seeking a kitchen remodel?

A Modern Look While Still Feeling Traditional

When it comes to the shaker style, the recessed panel doors are a hallmark to traditional style kitchens. Still, the end result of the shaker is a modern appeal that ensures they don’t look the slightest bit outdated. Without the raised panels or crown molding, the true place for shaker cabinets is within modern kitchens.

An Affordable Remodel

The shaker style is available in numerous finishes and has a simplicity about it that creates a lasting quality. Due to their ready availability, there is a price advantage associated with a shaker, especially if you buy them at In Stock Kitchens. When you’re looking for affordable kitchen cabinets that present the contemporary look and feel, the shaker is the style for you.

Available Now

With the many finishes and sleek design, you can find shakers available now. With minimal, yet regular upkeep required to keep the cabinets in top shape and a simple soft wipe down on a routine basis, the availability and price point make this style an intriguing option for many homeowners. When you’re able to save budget by opting for the affordable shaker cabinets, you have the capability of surrounding the cabinets with quality appliances and countertops to make your kitchen stand out.

There are many benefits associated with shaker style cabinets, and they are available now both pre-assembled and ready to assemble. When you’re ready to remodel the kitchen, shop at In Stock Kitchens.

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