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How White Kitchen Cabinets Stand the Test of Time

When you’re considering a new cabinet color for your kitchen, you want to make sure you’re investing in a style that will stand the test of time. A complete kitchen renovation can be an expensive investment, so to make sure you’re making the right choice, we’ve put together some ways that white kitchen cabinets are remaining popular amongst homeowners while maintaining its neutral appeal that will never go out of style.

White is a classic look that will endure different time periods and different eras. The neutral color serves as a clean background to the kitchen, complementing all other decors from the countertops to the appliances. White softens the appearance of stainless steel and metallic appliances and is a very versatile color that adapts to all kinds of kitchen designs.

Whether you’re creating a traditional, transitional, or modern kitchen design, inexpensive white cabinets help you to change the look and feel of the room to brighten the lighting and the room. The added lighting and a bright kitchen can brighten the mood and welcome more energy in your house. Plus, the bright kitchen space created by white kitchens will help the kitchen appear bigger.

Help the kitchen space remain more sanitary with easier and quicker cleaning of the cabinets. White has been known to make a kitchen feel more sanitary for years. With all wood cabinets, it may not be clear when there are dirt and grime building up on the cabinet surfaces. With white, you can see spills and dirt easily, wiping down and cleaning up messes, helping to keep your kitchen free from bacteria and a level of cleanliness in your kitchen.

White is associated with health and sanitation, making it a clear-cut favorite choice for homeowners across many decades. Plus, white is a marketable color, routinely topping the annual list of most popular kitchen colors. The inner beauty helps you build a kitchen that is easy to adapt and add to. You won’t have to worry about design when you choose new appliances and decorate the interior of the space.

White is a color that represents purity and happiness. Your kitchen is the most heavily occupied room in the home. Create a sense of joy and happiness in your kitchen with white cabinets from In Stock Kitchens. Browse our inventory online and shop today.

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