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Remodeling Your Kitchen with Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

Looking to remodel the kitchen with a universal cabinet style? The cabinetry is arguably the most important aspect of the redesign, so you want to make the right choice. When looking for a universal style that appeals to all types of designs, shaker is a common choice that helps to transform the look and feel of the space.

Shaker style cabinetry became a staple in homes looking to achieve a plain, stile construction ambiance. Working well with any design choices, shaker can add an attractive appeal to the space. Why should you select cheap shaker cabinets for your kitchen?

  • An Ageless Appeal – Shaker cabinets are the tenets of a timeless, ageless kitchen design. Their simplicity transcends kitchen trends and is a large aspect of the overall appeal of the style. The look is basic and straightforward, but offers just enough detail to provide a depth level that makes the kitchen stand out. Starting your kitchen remodel with a basic foundation of shaker cabinets help you achieve a look that remains relevant and in style for years to come.
  • All Stains Create a Remarkable Look – Shaker style doors can be stained to a color of your choosing, producing a gorgeous cabinet that goes a long way in helping you achieve your desired color on a budget. Birch wood stains on shaker styles are a popular finish amongst homeowners, and you can get the quality stains right here at In Stock Kitchens.
  • A Greater Appreciation – The perfect transitional cabinet type, shaker doors are used in both modern and traditional kitchens. With clean lines and simplicity in the style, it’s perfect for a modern kitchen. With a timeless appearance and ornate features like pulls and knobs, it appeals to the traditional kitchens, as well.
  • Easy Maintenance – When you’re going through a remodel, low maintenance cabinetry is something that will be attractive to you. It’s one of the most desired attributes of the kitchen, especially for busy families. With the simplistic design, there is easy cleaning to get rid of dust, grease, and debris with a simple wipe down.
  • Affordable Cost – At In Stock Kitchens, our all wood kitchen cabinets have a price point that keeps you on budget. With a simple construction and timeless appeal, save money when ordering online with us.

When you’re ready to remodel the kitchen and choose new cabinets, browse our online selection of shaker style cabinets and choose a stain that stands out in your home.

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