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Adding Sophistication to the Kitchen With Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

Unique Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

Whether your home is new or old, raised panel cabinets help to add a layer of sophistication when you’re upgrading the kitchen. Raised panel cabinet doors include varied depths that enhance the line of the cabinets with shadow and extra light. What makes a raised panel door are edges routed to float within the frame of the door.

At In Stock Kitchens, our stained wood finish helps you achieve the appearance to complement the surrounding appliances or create a true traditional appeal in any kitchen. When you shop with us, you get quality birch wood stained to the finish of your choosing, whether cherry wood, black, oak, or white kitchen cabinets. Going beyond the grain, what is the raised panel door property and how will it help add a level of sophistication to your cabinetry?

The raised panel adds an extra dimension to the cabinet design, creating more depth and adding character to the overall finish. The panel floats in the center of the frame, but not all raised panel doors are the same. All raised panels feature a frame raised above the main surface of the door, but some may have the appearance of the simple framework while others will feature of the stepped frame for even more dimension.

Where some selections at In Stock Kitchens will incorporate a combination of framed-type panels, all of the finishes will merge well with the grain and texture to add sophistication and an aesthetic delight.

The different variations that are responsible for adding a sense of sophistication include the degree and the shape of the panel edge route, the width of the rails, the shape of the edges on the door frame, and more. Whether you’re attempting to create a traditional or transitional design with some modern features incorporated into the kitchen, raised panel doors are a great option. Raised panels will also help define features in pantry doors, entry benches, and other kitchen design areas.

When you’re ready to choose dark wood or white raised panel cabinet doors for your new kitchen design, shop at In Stock Kitchens. These types of door styles give cabinets a contemporary and unique look that will be enjoyed in your kitchen space for years to come.

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