Looking at the Advantages of Solid Wood Cabinets

affordable solid wood cabinetsReady to remodel the kitchen? Looking at different types of cabinets is probably the first step. Like most homeowners, you’re faced with a choice between particle board and solid wood cabinets.

While particle board may seem appealing due to the cheap price, you’ll find that they are very cheap and won’t provide the durability you’re looking for in a new kitchen. Solid wood is a very affordable option, though slightly more expensive than the particle board variety.

With solid wood, you can find the affordable quality cabinets that make your kitchen stand out.

Warm and Inviting

With solid wood cabinets, the moment you walk into the room you’ll find a timeless presence that is both warm and inviting. Solid wood is a classic appearance that complements everything in the kitchen, from the countertops to the appliances and furniture.

With other cabinet materials, they can mimic the look of natural wood to seem more appealing, but most of them are from laminate or particle wood. With the warm and inviting appearance of solid wood, you’ll also find them to be extremely durable.

Long Lasting & Robust

It’s a huge investment to remodel your kitchen or replace your cabinets. The various stains of solid wood all have different resistances and durability that help them last many years. Browse through our collections and see which stained wood style is right for your home.

The high-quality structures are easy to sand and strengthen, and are known to last many years. While most of our collections at In Stock Kitchens are complete RTA cabinetry, there is some flexibility in the designs, shapes, and color of the wood.

The variety of options you’re presented with outweigh any other cabinet material, and they can re-stained easily. Even if you’re not sold on the appearance a few years down the line, you can stain the wood darker, lighter, or just to refinish the cabinets you purchase.

Becomes a Selling Point

If you’re planning on listing your home for sale, the quality of the cabinets is a heavy selling point and can drive up the value of your home. Even if you’re not planning on selling the house right away, you’re enhancing the look and feel of your kitchen for your own luxury, and are taking advantage of the fact it will pay off down the line.

Wood cabinets remain the top choice for homeowners; a high-quality option that continue to look great as the years pass. Browse through In Stick Kitchens and let us know if you have any questions about a particular collection, color, or stained finish.

Comparing Birch and Maple Kitchen Cabinets

birchwood cabinetsThere are always certain aspects you look for in cabinets. The strength, durability, and sturdiness of the material plays a critical role in your selection of cabinets. Price and appearance will also be at the top of your consideration list.

Two of the most popular woods for cabinets are birch and maple. Both have plenty of benefits, but let’s compare the two for best value when you’re looking for affordable quality cabinets.

An Overview of Birch Wood Cabinets

Birch is a sturdy hardwood that typically has a straight grained pattern. It’s light tone color looks great both neutral and stained. The cabinets at In Stock Kitchens are both neutral and stained to resemble a darker wood such as walnut or mahogany.

Birch has a friendly price when you’re looking for new kitchen or cheap bathroom cabinets. When compared to maple wood, you could be getting a new set of cabinets with birch that is almost 70% less than maple.

The texture of birch is a little rougher than maple, and depending on your interests that can add more appeal to the overall design.

An Overview of Maple Wood Cabinets

Maple is also commonly available in the United States, working and appealing with both contemporary and traditional style kitchens. Similar to birch, maple wood cabinets are light in color with a straight grain.

With maple, you’ll see a durable cabinet that has a higher cost than birch. Maple is also usually stained to a darker color that makes the cabinets stand out more. Due to its strength, the cost is significantly higher depending on the size of your kitchen.

Which Finish to Choose

In the end, it’s usually about budget. Birch and maple wood have many of the same qualities, but birch will come at a price that doesn’t use your entire budget for a new kitchen remodel.

At In Stock Kitchens, all of our cabinets are birch wood stained to various shades that are perfect for your kitchen. Browse our collections and find the perfect cabinets for your kitchen. We make sure you have the quality cabinets that are within your budget.

Birch Wood Cabinets: The Variety of Birch Wood

birchwood kitchen cabinetsAs you’re making the decision to purchase new kitchen cabinets, solid wood is always a great choice. They are strong, durable, and will last many years with minimal maintenance. While you can choose from many different types of wood cabinets, birch may be the choice for you.

At In Stock Kitchens, all of our cabinets are birch wood, stained to present a unique finish that matches your desires for the look of your kitchen. But what are some of the benefits that come with birch wood?

Versatile Characteristics

With the different stains, birch has a variety of characteristics that make quality kitchen cabinets. The light color makes it ideal to use in furniture, especially in the kitchen or the bathroom.

Birch trees are plentiful in the United States and throughout North America, most of which are full of resin. Ranging from white to darkish red, most commonly golden brown, birch grains are beautiful and the most reasonably priced of the quality hardwoods.

Due to the closed pore structure, the cabinets are easy to stain for an elegant, smooth finish. When you buy birch, you can be confident in their durability and finished construction. The RTA cabinetry we have available is glued easily and all nails and screws will stay put for the long haul.

Benefits of Birch Wood for your Cabinetry

The best thing about birch wood is it is readily available and there are plenty of options from which you can choose. The cabinets come with a strait grain, and is an affordable choice that complements your kitchen décor. Especially with ready-to-assemble cabinets, which help you forego the cost of labor and detailing, you can save tremendous amounts of money to allocate to other aspects of your kitchen when you choose birch.

When the stain is darker, you give the appeal of a more expensive wood in your kitchen. All stains and colors will maintain the aesthetic appeal.

Browse the selection of some of the finest birch wood stained cabinets at In Stock Kitchens. We have many shades that will appeal to you. Get started on your kitchen remodeling project today.

Why Cherry Stained Wood Cabinets are the Right Call for your New Kitchen

cherry kitchen cabinetsCherry stained wood is one of the most popular materials homeowners choose when they’re remodeling the kitchen. Cabinets in cherry finishes are durable, unique, and affordable, helping you transform your kitchen into an eye-appealing space that provides added comfort.

When you’re remodeling the kitchen, the biggest and highest priority decision is placed on the look and feel of the cabinets. For quality kitchen cabinets, the right call for your kitchen can be a cherry finish. Here is why.

Unique Characteristics

With cherry stained wood, you’ll see the patterns and finishes improve and darken over time. Its color and closed-grain finish is very durable while it avoids tearing easily.

The color change in cherry stained wood is unpredictable. Exposure to UV light will speed the darkening process, so when your kitchen doesn’t routinely receive natural sunlight through the windows, it could take a little longer for your affordable kitchen cabinets to darken.

Selecting natural and solid wood structures like our durable European Birch cabinets stained a rich luxurious cherry is always the best option as they can last lifetimes without showing wear and tear that you can see from other cabinet structures. You can enjoy all these benefits and unique characteristics without breaking the budget.

Great Value

Our Cherry collection lies in the middle of the price spectrum and is very budget friendly. You have plenty of options on different styles, finishes, and rich textures, all of which provide great value. All the cherry stained wood finishes complement all other kitchen appliances and any other décor around your cabinets.

Whether traditional or contemporary, know you’re making a great decision with one of the highest quality pieces of wood. Look around your kitchen and figure out what can make the space stand out more. Cherry can be the missing piece to your design.

Making the Decision

It can be a difficult decision when choosing the style, design, and finish of your new kitchen. When you are in the market for new cabinets, do your research online at In Stock Kitchens, browse our collections and finishes, and find the lowest prices for your newly renovated kitchen.

We have a great selection, the finest materials, and fast shipping so you can get your kitchen installed quickly. Get your new kitchen to stand out with affordable purchases of quality materials from In Stock Kitchens.

Why RTA Cabinets are Gaining Popularity

rta kitchen cabinetryWhen it comes to the design of your kitchen, there are often little upgrades that can make a world of difference in the appeal and attraction of your home’s most heavily trafficked area. Without remodeling the entire space, sometimes just updating the cabinets will do the trick.

New cabinets should take a lot of thought in the type, style, and finish. Ready to assemble furniture has come a long way and it’s no longer considered poor quality. With RTA cabinetry, homeowners are presented with many benefits, and they’re quickly gaining popularity.

With ready to assemble furniture, they complement the existing décor of the house, and feature plenty of storage capacity. Here are three main reasons we’re seeing the rise in popularity of RTA cabinets.

Plenty of Designs for you to Choose

While some cabinets can have limited designs and styles, with RTA you can select a custom-like finish that blends seamlessly with your existing appliances and décor. RTA styles come in many different designs, from the colors and finishes to the configurations and shapes.

Every kitchen is unique, and with the designs available with RTA, you can make sure your kitchen is eye appealing.

Affordable Prices

With a number of options and finishes, you often have the same variety with custom cabinets. The price of custom cabinets can eat up most, if not all, of your budget, making the more affordable RTA styles a popular option.

RTA costs a fraction of what custom cabinets cost, often providing the same value. This is because they are shipped in parts, and while DIY projects are becoming more popular, it only makes sense that we’re seeing a rise in popularity of RTA cabinets. The affordable prices are seen because you don’t have to deal with labor costs, cheaper shipping options, and manufacturing costs are cut because you’re going to be assembling them yourself.

Plus, with the quick delivery options, you can get started on your new kitchen look in no time.

Ease of Assemble

When the cabinets arrive on your doorstep, it won’t take long to assemble them. The task of getting your kitchen set up is manageable with just a small set of tools as the components and different parts of the cabinets are designed to snap in place. If you’re ready for your next DIY project, and a little bragging when the cabinets are set up, you can have a beautiful set of new cabinets that make your kitchen pop.

Get your quality kitchen cabinets from In Stock Kitchens. We have a wide selection of pre-assembled and RTA cabinets to choose for your new home, made from the finest solid wood construction you can find. Browse our available products, and reach out to us with any questions before making a purchase. These cabinets are sure to make your kitchen stand out.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying New Bathroom Vanities

bathroom vanities onlineRemodeling the bathroom—from the master bathroom to the powder room—is an extensive project that requires much consideration. When you don’t keep up with the design of your bathroom, it reflects poorly on your home and taking the time to decorate and remodel enhances the aesthetic appeal.

The only rule you should be considering when it comes to your cheap bathroom cabinets and vanities is your personality. Make sure whichever style you choose will reflect your personality. When it comes to your renovation of bathroom vanities, keep these tips in mind.

Define Your Style

Every homeowner and family has a unique personality. Styles are difficult to define, and whether you’re looking for a sleek, modern, or rustic feel, there are vanities available to meet your needs. You don’t have to match the vanity in your bathroom to the existing style of your home. Make it stand out.

You have free reign with your bathroom. It’s where you can be daring with your design, adaptable with convenient features, or simple and straightforward. With a nice color scheme, you’ll be making a statement and defining your unique style.

Take Size into Account

Your bathroom vanities and affordable quality cabinets do two things for your bathroom. They provide storage for toiletries and hide plumbing. Vanities are trending more simplistic, losing its storage space in an effort to make the bathroom seem larger.

But it’s important to make sure you choose an appropriate size for your vanity. From open shelving solid wood drawers and doors, give yourself enough room for all your necessities and bathroom essentials, including extra towels, soaps, and toiletries.

Placing an emphasis on the appropriate size can give you enough space for a stylish backsplash and small, framed mirrors. Make it a light look with the appropriate size.

Color & Finish

Whether a vibrant white color or a solid wood finish, make your vanity cabinets dramatic and appealing. The solid wood provides some elegance, sophistication, and beauty that is both durable and appealing.

Whichever style you choose, it should complement your overall strategy and design. Create a stunning look with your finish and quality design.

At In Stock Kitchens, we have the bathroom vanities and cabinets that will transform the look and feel of your room. Browse the various options and choose the style that fits your personality.

How to Tell That Your Kitchen Cabinets Must be Replaced

There comes a time when you know you have to replace your kitchen cabinets. Sometimes it’s not worth the effort to reface your cabinets, and you’ll be looking for affordable quality cabinets that transform the look of your room and help make the kitchen more appealing and attractive.

When the signs aren’t there, you may not even know you desperately need new cabinets. What are some signs you should look for to determine when to make this investment?

replacing kitchen cabinets onlineThe Structure is Fading Beyond Repair

You need your entire cabinet set to maintain a quality structure. When—even on one cabinet—there is a rotted frame, a part that is water damaged or covered in mold, then it’s time to search for new quality kitchen cabinets.

You could notice the wood falling apart or some swelling to the structure. When you can’t fix it, it’s time to move on from your cabinets and invest in new ones.

buy new kitchen cabinets onlineAn Odor Coming from the Cabinets

When your cabinets are aging, there can be an odor that drifts throughout the entire kitchen. From the grime and must, your cabinets will smell. Even if you clean the inside and outside of each cabinet with odor-absorbing substances, you might not be able to get rid of it. When you’ve exhausted all the cleaning essentials, even baking soda, coffee beans, or vinegar, then it’s time for new cabinets. Think about what you like, and you can find it at In Stock Kitchens.

Your Cabinets Are Cheap

Whether you were on a tight budget when you last replaced your cabinets, or you just moved into a new house with cheap cabinets, it’s time to replace them. If you see that your drawer boxes are off track or falling apart, or you’re just not into that door style, there are plenty of options available at In Stock Kitchens.

It’s Time for New Cabinets

There’s never a bad time to remodel your kitchen, and it starts with the cabinets. You need high quality, updated, and appealing looking cabinets that work for you and your personality. When you start to see the signs of a wearing kitchen, shop at In Stock Kitchens to liven up your kitchen once again.

Choosing Cabinets for Your New Kitchen

rta kitchen cabinetsIt’s the focal point of your kitchen. It’s the area that adds functionality and style to your kitchen as a whole, the aspects that stand out to both you, your family, and the company you have.

It’s a big decision, and you’re presented with many options. The question is, where do you start? Here are some tips to help you choose the best kitchen cabinets for your home.

Assembled vs. RTA Cabinets

Before you start thinking about functionality, you have to decide between pre-assembled or RTA cabinetry. RTA cabinets come with huge cost savings over pre-assembled cabinets which come fitted to the space for your cabinets. Pre-assembled can be more expensive, though they may not be any better quality than you’ll get with RTA.

If RTA cabinets fit the allotted space inside your kitchen, that’s a recommendation that we make here at In Stock Kitchens. They are easier to ship, and they are very simple to assemble.

Style of Cabinets

The most important decision lies in the style of cabinet. It can be hard to choose, and you want to make sure you choose appropriately based on your personal style and preferences. For more modern kitchens, you’ll be looking at unique patterns and simple, clean lines. This is where you should choose shaker style, which gives a modern feel to your kitchen.

If you’re looking for a more rustic style of cabinet, that will bring a traditional sense, adding more depth to your quality kitchen cabinets. These cabinets add functionality, and are most often accompanied by open shelving for a rustic character.

If you need help with a style, browse our collections to find the colors, styles, and patterns that stand out to you, and purchase your new and unique cabinets directly from In Stock Kitchens.

Functionality of your Cabinets

More than style, you also need to consider functionality that is offered to your space. Added features like soft-closing drawers and cabinet doors help avoid slamming, maintaining the quality and functionality for added durability.

Look for cabinet organizers that help add more storage capacity if the space is limited. The cabinets in our collection at In Stock Kitchens provide different features and functionalities that help you get the most from your kitchen.

Think about the style of your home and the budget you’re working with. Use the style and functionality of your kitchen cabinets to help turn your dream kitchen into a reality. Shop with In Stock Kitchens today.

Pairing Your Cabinets with Black Appliances

affordable, quality kitchen cabinets onlineDoes your kitchen have black appliances, maybe countertops too? It can be difficult to decorate around darker and black appliances because they’re not very common. A typical kitchen has stainless steel, or lighter color appliances, making it easy to pair quality kitchen cabinets with the surroundings of décor.

If you find yourself in the situation of preparing to remodel the look and feel of your kitchen, and either purchase or move into a home with black cabinets, how can you choose the right cabinets?

If there’s one thing about solid wood construction materials, it’s that they can be paired with any style of surroundings. At In Stock Kitchens, we have all solid wood materials.

Dark Wood to Pair with Black Appliances

From a black oven and microwave to a black stained countertop, a cherry or chestnut style cabinet set from In Stock Kitchens will add a sense of depth and sophistication to the room. You’ll be creating a warm appearance with a modern appeal that is sure to stand out to your guests.

Think about the color of the walls. With dark wood and black appliances, a light wall color will make the kitchen pop.

White Wood Panels or Shakers with Black Appliances

They say opposites attract. A white wood cabinet paired with black appliances provides a unique look for your kitchen. Your white shaker affordable quality cabinets provide a contrast that makes the space look more open, and brighter.

White cabinets have become a very popular choice for homeowners when redesigning their kitchens. They’re timeless, in style, and make a statement (especially with black appliances). With white and black, remember to balance everything out in the kitchen. From the backsplash to the wall color to the counters.

What to Do When You Have Black Appliances?

Black appliances can really stand out in your kitchen. But it’s the cabinets that are going to make them stand out. It’s not an easy decision, but dark cherry wood or white cabinets can make the surroundings stand out in your dark kitchen.

We have an extensive selection of solid wood cabinets, both white styles and dark wood. They’re easy to assemble and can be installed quickly. When you’ve made up your mind on a cabinet style to pair with your kitchen, browse our website and make a purchase of some of the finest, affordable cabinets on the market.

What You Need to Know About Walnut Shaker Bathroom Vanities

walnut shaker bathroom vanitiesAs you walk into the bathroom every day, the same look and feel gets old quick. You start to envision a new design, a new color, and a new overall look when you step foot into the bathroom each morning. You want style and functionality, storage and convenience.

When you’re considering a warmer wood for style and class with your affordable quality cabinets, the walnut shaker style from In Stock Kitchens gives a classy old finish with an innovative and new-look style. There are plenty of benefits associated with warmer wood vanities in the bathroom.

Don’t let these prices fool you on our cheap bathroom cabinets. The quality construction and box finish delivers durability and clean finishes to make your bathroom pop.

Freestanding Vanity

In powder rooms or half baths, homeowners opt for the freestanding vanity option to make a statement. The freestanding style opens up the bathroom and the warm mocha shakers include clean, simplistic lines that will stand out to both you and your guests.

Modern Touch With a Mocha Color

The warm, rich color can illuminate any room. The modern touch also complements with a classic look. The vanities and cabinets will pair perfectly with any wall color and countertop material. This timeless vanity style is durable, gives a quality look, and a natural appeal to any space.

Storage Space & Accessories

The boxed construction of our java shaker vanities includes a ton of storage space. For any bathroom, storage is a necessity. From linens to your toiletries to cleaning supplies and extra soaps, you put a priority on your storage. With full overlay doors and drawers, and dovetailed drawer boxes. Maximize your storage space with organizers or drawer dividers that you can add into the vanity drawers.

Choose Vanity Cabinets

Bathroom vanities from In Stock Kitchens are made to last. Your bathroom should be calm and relaxing. Whether a big room or a small space, choose a bathroom vanity that complements the space you have. You can’t go wrong with a walnut shaker style vanity. Shop with In Stock Kitchens to transform the look and feel of your bathroom.