Quality Kitchen Cabinets Buying Guide: What You Should Know

buy quality kitchen cabinetsReady for your kitchen remodel? For any remodeling project, the centerpiece becomes the cabinets. When you search for the best finishes, styles, and prices, there is a lot to understand.

While some of the more inexpensive cabinets may seem to have solid, quality finishes and appealing patterns, the material can soon fade or wear, leaving you with the choice of repainting or buying complete new cabinets.

Many kitchen cabinets for sale feature shining finishes that you think will make your home stand out. It’s important that you understand the quality of the cabinets as you’re doing research and browsing showrooms. How can you be sure you’re making the right decision?

Cabinet Types

Start with the basics. There are a few different cabinet types to choose from, and your choice can depend on the space in your kitchen and where the cabinets are placed. Based on construction quality and cabinet grades, here are the options you’ll be presented:

  • Ready to assemble (RTA): Will save you money without sacrificing quality and durable. You’ll be responsible for assembly, so you’ll be saving on the labor costs as they are delivered in flat slabs.
  • Stock: Bought direct from manufacturer, they are sold in specific sizes and can’t be altered, however are available in a range of materials, including solid wood.
  • Semi-Custom & Custom: Presented with many options, you can choose the cabinets you want that match your personality and kitchen décor. These are on the more expensive side of cabinet purchases.

Cabinet Styles

There are many different styles to choose from, whether you’re looking for a modern, transitional, or traditional cabinet. Here are some of the options you can expect when you buy kitchen cabinets at In Stock Kitchens:

Flat Panel: The doors of a flat panel cabinet have one single panel that is surrounding by moldings, and is ideal for a transitional kitchen.

Raised Panel: More traditional in style, raised panel cabinets see the center panel slightly raised by a groove around the molding.

Shaker: With a narrower frame molding, these cabinet styles focus on durability and functionality.

Slab: Slab cabinets have no panels or molding. They are the minimalist option of cabinets.

Solid Wood Drawer Front & Panels

The most durable cabinets are made from solid wood. For the highest quality of cabinets, hardwood drawer sides and solid wood front panels are your best option.

When it comes to choosing the right cabinet, you need longevity in construction and the interior. As you’re investing in a new kitchen remodel, browse In Stock Kitchens to create the quality cabinets that won’t crack or warp. Make the right decision and focus on durability and quality.

Choosing New Cabinets? How to Decide & What You’ll Pay

Kitchen remodels can be exciting and stressful at the same time. The majority of your time will be spent focusing on cabinets, as these pieces take up the majority of your budget and become the center of attention in your new space.

There are many options when it comes to solid wood inexpensive kitchen cabinets, and at In Stock Kitchens, you’ll find the perfect option that saves you money and adds style to your kitchen. We’ll help you figure out where to start your search and how to make the best decision for your home.

RTA kitchen cabinets onlineTypes of Cabinet Options

With solid birch wood stained cabinets, you can purchase them either pre-assembled and ready to install or ready to assemble (RTA). With RTA cabinets, you’ll find them delivered in slabs with descriptive instructions to complete assembly.

RTA kitchen cabinets online come with great savings on total cost. While they are cut to fit into the allotted space on your walls, you receive the benefit of not having to pay labor costs as you’ll be completing the labor yourself.

Pre-assembled cabinets are ready to install upon delivery. They are pre-cut to fit the size of your wall space and drawers. With both RTA and pre-assembled, you’ll be receiving the same high-quality woods that are strong, sturdy, and durable.

Due to the same quality materials, our recommendation would be RTA cabinets due to the significant cost savings.

inexpensive kitchen cabinetsStyle of Cabinets

Choose your cabinets based on personal preferences. For many modern kitchens, we see shaker styles chosen that feature unique, clean lines and one-of-a-kind patterns.

Traditional cabinets tend to be more rustic, adding depth and complementing décor. The traditional style adds functionality, flavor, and stand out with open shelving.

At In Stock Kitchens, we have a vast collection of traditional and modern styles, plus a mixture of the two so you’re able to appeal to your personality.

Functionality of Cabinets

After selecting the style that works best in your home, you must consider functionality. Added features aside from the shelving space include soft-closing drawers and doors that help to avoid scratches from slamming which help the cabinets maintain their quality and appeal.

Think about the style of your home and the budget you’re working with. Consider cabinet organizers that help add more storage capacity if your kitchen space is limited.

All cabinets from In Stock Kitchen provide different features and functions that help ensure you’re able to get the most from your kitchen. Shop for your new kitchen cabinets at In Stock Kitchens.

Ready to Assemble Cabinets: The Best Bang for Your Buck

discount ready to assemble kitchen cabinetsKitchen remodels can be completed with tremendous cost savings without losing quality. Ready to assemble cabinets have risen in popularity over the past few years due to ease of installations and affordable delivery prices.

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel on a budget, there are many compelling reasons why RTA is the perfect option for your affordable quality cabinets. Perfectly suitable for your kitchen, RTA cabinets from In Stock Kitchens are high-end pieces made from quality birch wood that allow you to style and design your kitchen in any way you choose.

Ready to assemble provides the best bang for your buck, as once they’re installed you won’t be able to tell the difference between the RTA and custom cabinetry.

Choice of Colors & Finishes

You have plenty of options when it comes to ready to assemble cabinets. While there are some limits, you’re presented with a wide range of solid wood colors, designs, and finishes. Look at your interior décor and appliances to determine whether a lighter wood or darker wood aids in the design of your home.

No matter the size of your kitchen, ready to assemble cabinets are available in all configurations from those designed for above appliances to full height designs. There are plenty of decisions that need to be made with kitchen remodels, and while the cabinets are the biggest expense, you’ll see tremendous savings with RTA.

Cost Savings & Speed of Shipping

Because you’ll be assembling the cabinets yourself, the total savings can be in the thousands of dollars without sacrificing any of the quality. With the ease of instructions and simplicity of assembly, you’ll have the kitchen transformed in no time.

Another value add when it comes to you having to assemble the cabinets yourself is the speed of shipping. They won’t have to be assembled prior to shipping, so they’ll arrive sooner than expected. Plus, most are available with free shipping, helping you save even more costs.

For the value shopper that wants to improve the ambiance and modernize the kitchen, RTA is the right choice. For the cheap quality kitchen cabinets that don’t break your budget, order from In Stock Kitchens.

Choosing Maple Stained Wood for Your Bathroom Remodel

maple bathroom vanitiesFor your bathroom remodel, choosing the style cabinet is a huge decision. You need to consider what is best for your space and what will match best with surrounding décor. Another factor that comes into your decision is the durability to last many years without needing to reface or remodel again in a year or two.

Choosing stained maple bathroom cabinets comes with many benefits that will leave your space with a timeless appeal. Maple stained woods have been used in the bathrooms of many homeowners, providing a classical look that appeals to the modern styles of many remodel and redesign projects.

With a quality birch wood that is stained to the maple colors that will shine in your bathroom, what are some of the benefits you’ll see?

Versatility: Because the birch wood is stained, you have control over the color and appearance of your maple stains. Depending on the size of your bathroom and the cabinetry you’re looking for, the versatility makes sure you have the design and color scheme that appeals to you. Maple stains help you achieve the look of your dreams.

Durability: You’ll find that the maple stained wood is extremely durable, helping you get the most of your maple bathroom vanity. Your cabinets will be able to withhold the wear and tear all cabinets endure, as well as the changing of temperatures and lighting that could cause warping or cracking in other cabinet materials. The strength of the quality solid wood helps your cabinets last for the long-term.

Appealing Finish: Due to the versatility of the stains, the smooth finishes and even grains provide a beautiful appearance. With its lighter tone, the maple can complement a variety of countertop materials and surrounding walls. With its versatility, make the most of your bathroom remodel with the appealing finish of maple stains.

Low Price: The solid birch wood is available at a much lower price than most other woods. At In Stock Kitchens, we offer bathroom vanities at some of the best price points. To take advantage of the durability, strength, and natural appeal at the best prices, shop for your bathroom vanities and receive the attractive designs that make your bathroom stand out.

Are RTA Cabinets the Right Choice for Your Kitchen?

ready to assemble kitchen cabinetsThe popularity of ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets has been on the rise for several years. Saving money on cabinets, plus the ease of assembly when they arrive in flat, easy to carry kits, makes RTA an appealing choice.

But, are they the right choice for your kitchen? For many homeowners, they’re shopping on a budget. For all kitchen remodels, the cabinets take up most of your budget. If you’re buying kitchen cabinets online, you can’t go wrong with RTA.

Why? There are quite a few benefits associated with RTA cabinets when shopping online.

High Quality: Although you’re choosing new cabinets that arrive unassembled, you’re not sacrificing any quality. The cabinets are constructed with quality birch wood and stained to meet your vision. When light colors like white or maple honey, or darker colors like cherry and espresso, you have options that complement your kitchen. All are constructed at the highest quality, and when they arrive, they’ll feature the same strength and durability once they’re assembled.

Quick Assembly: As your cabinets arrive, you’ll see all the instructions and hardware necessary for a quick and easy assembly. Plus, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of assembling the cabinets yourself. With a lesser cost and a unique satisfaction, homeowners are choosing RTA at an accelerating rate.

Top Finishes & Designs: With In Stock Kitchens and our collection of stained finishes, you have an extensive collection of designs and colors to choose. When matching with your interior and kitchen appliances, you can find the cabinets in all sizes and configurations to fit perfectly in your kitchen.

Cost Savings: Due to the buyer having to complete the labor themselves, you’ll save on total costs when choosing RTA. Designed with quality features in the doors and drawers, the lower costs focus on the value shopper without giving up any quality.

As you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, find the perfect cheap quality kitchen cabinets at In Stock Kitchens. We have a vast collection of various birch wood stains that will help transform the look and feel of your home.

Browse our collection online and make your purchase today.

The Benefits of a Kitchen Island

The kitchen is the heart of your home. You spend the majority of your time in the space, and you want to make sure any remodeling or redesign project helps you maximize the functionality and appeal of your kitchen. You may want to consider an island in your kitchen.

When you opt for an island with your remodel, there are many benefits and advantages that add a more versatile space.

kitchen island benefitsMore Room & An Area for Extra Seating

Get the most of your space by incorporating extra seating onto the island where you and your family and friends can gather. From cooking, talking, eating, relaxing, or doing homework, an island brings the family together and becomes a central point in the home.

An island will not fit in every home, but if you have the space for an island, the extra surface can divide an open-plan room into distinct areas to better organize your kitchen.

Extra Storage Space

No matter how much space you have in the kitchen, you’re always looking for extra storage. Whether you have the room for a small or larger island, extra cabinet space can help you maintain an uncluttered kitchen. We help you create cheap solid wood kitchens with the sturdiest and most durable cabinets to store all your belongings.

When you need extra storage, a few more cabinets can be very beneficial. More organization helps you tend to overflowing cabinets and drawers while avoiding using your countertops for additional amenities.

Added Amenities

You always think there’s something missing from your kitchen. Chances are, for those amenities that you think would be a perfect addition, you just don’t have the room for. A kitchen island gives you the room you need for a wide array of amenities.

Between your extra cabinets for storage, you can add a fridge for beverages, more electrical outlets that allow for the placement of toaster ovens, coffee makers, or microwaves on the island. Plus, you can incorporate drawers or cabinet materials with open shelving to add more appeal to the space. Kitchen islands come with a host of benefits, but you have to make sure you have the space for an island when thinking about your remodeling project.

When you’re looking for inexpensive kitchen cabinets that provide extra storage for your island kitchen, get all the cabinetry you need at In Stock Kitchens. We have the solid birch wood stained cabinets that meet your vision and match your personality.

Help your kitchen stand out with cabinets from In Stock Kitchens. Browse our collections and think about the space you’re working with in your home.

Why Spring is the Ideal Time to Reinvest in Kitchen Cabinets

spring kitchen cabinetsAfter a long and grueling winter, the spring air makes you open the windows and let some light into the house. If you notice some aspects of your kitchen can use an upgrade, one of the best investments you can make without breaking your budget are the kitchen cabinets.

Spring is the perfect time to start fresh with quality kitchen cabinets for sale. They bring life to a worn-out kitchen, and don’t take that long to complete so you can present the new feel before the kids are out of school.

As you make the decision to upgrade the cabinetry, what should you look for? It can be overwhelming with the options you’re presented, but solid wood is the most economical choice due to their durability, affordable prices, and natural beauty.

Letting the Cabinets Shine

For older cabinets, the construction may be fading and weakening, causing you to have to shift storage around to maximize the use of the cabinetry and drawers.

A new set of cabinets will shine in the daylight, helping the color stand out. The new construction and quality finishes available at In Stock Kitchens help you get the best cabinets for your kitchen. We have the stained birch wood finishes that help to transform your kitchen.

Browse our website and collection of cabinets to get the inspirations you need for a great springtime remodel.

The Right Option at The Right Price

There are many great options to choose for your cabinets. From white to solid oak-stained woods to dark wood stained cabinets, you can create the ambiance that fits perfectly in your home. We always have the highest quality of cabinets in stock and spring helps you take advantage of great deals. Plus, we’ll even help you with a free design so you can envision how the cabinets will look before making your decision.

When you’re gearing up this spring for a remodel and looking for discount kitchen cabinets, get the best value at In Stock Kitchens. We have a huge selection of quality birch wood stained cabinets that fit your personality, style, and kitchen décor.

Deciding Between Light & Dark Kitchen Cabinets

light and dark kitchen cabinetsWhen it comes time to tackle home improvement projects this spring, look to your kitchen. As the room where your family and friends spend the majority of time in your home, updating the look of your kitchen is beneficial and a great decision.

Even when looking at your countertops and surrounding appliances, one question kitchen remodelers seem to always have is whether they should go with light or dark cabinets. Depending on your style, your affordable quality cabinets should help you maintain warmth, comfort, and a lasting impact.

Think of your kitchen in its entirety when you choose the cabinets to complete your design.

What to Know about Light Cabinets

Cabinets tend to take up a lot of visual space in the kitchen, so lighter cabinets are installed to give the kitchen an expansive look and feel. White stains and light-colored wood offer a timeless look that will never go out of style.

They come with a certain flexibility and versatility that pairs well with almost any countertop or backsplash. You can achieve the look you desire in your kitchen—whether contemporary, traditional, or modern—with lighter colored cabinets.

Keep in mind that cleanliness counts. With lighter cabinets, signs of dirt, smudges, and stains will be more prevalent, leading to more cleanups. If you’re willing to properly maintain the look of the cabinets, light colors could be the option for you.

What to Know about Dark Cabinets

Different from white and light cabinets, dark kitchens add a rich appeal that shows character and adds depth to the room. With the right stain, dark cabinets can provide the elegant appeal you set out to achieve.

Although, darker cabinets will require more design skills depending on the space and lighting. While the appeal is there, you don’t want to cabinets to make the room feel closed in or smaller than it is. Match the darker colors with a lighter backdrop or countertop to help the cabinets pop.

If you’re still unsure, browse our collections of dark and light colors, from black shakers to white raised panel cabinet doors. At In Stock Kitchens, our solid wood stained cabinets are affordable, durable, and will help transform the feel of your kitchen. Tackle your kitchen remodel this spring without breaking the bank.

We have the style to create the feel you’ll love in your kitchen for years to come.

The Benefits of Birch Wood Cabinets for Your Kitchen

walnut shaker kitchen cabinetsAre you planning a kitchen redesign on a budget? There are many styles, patterns, and design that will be appealing in your home. The bulk of your budget will be spent on your kitchen cabinets, so how can you create a beautiful kitchen while spending less on cabinets?

Enjoy natural beauty and appeal with birch wood. The straight grain patterns and strength of birch last many years, helping you achieve the perfect kitchen while saving more to invest on the surrounding appliances.

What Will You See From Birch Wood Cabinets?

At In Stock Kitchens, you can create the stain finish that appeals to you. From light maple to dark wood or a walnut shaker kitchen, there’s an option perfect for your space. The stain finishes create an extremely versatile wood. You can save while replicating the more expensive maple, cherry, or walnut natural woods.

Birch Wood is a Strong Option

With the versatility to create the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, plus the money you’ll save by choosing a quality birch wood, you’re also investing in a strong cabinet option. It is proven to have a high tensile strength rating, which means it is sturdy to hold screws and nails when cabinet doors are frequently opened and closed.

What You Can Expect to Pay for Birch Wood Cabinets

Costs depend on the size of your kitchen and how many cabinets you need. Whether you choose special features or stick to the stock cabinets also play in a factor in the final cost.

Another factor playing a significant role in the cost is whether you choose ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets or pre-assembled. RTA will come with a slight discount in comparison. Plus, when buying kitchen cabinets at wholesale prices online helps you save more.

Birch wood is a strong and durable option that keeps money in the budget for other kitchen remodeling projects. Make sure you browse the stains and available options that appeal to your interests and would look best in your kitchen. At In Stock Kitchens, we help you get the best prices for a natural wood kitchen.

What to Consider when Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

diy kitchen remodelingOne of the biggest financial decisions you can make is restoring and remodeling the kitchen. When you are installing new kitchen cabinets, proper planning helps ensure the process is a success. You have to be aware of all factors associated with the cabinets, requiring thorough research to buy kitchen cabinets online, as well as an understanding of wood strength and durability.

Considering all options and taking the time to plan before making a decision will have long-term benefits. The amount of planning will vary from home to home, but you shouldn’t overlook how important it is to go over all the details before installation.

Using a Contractor or Installing Yourself?

Considering your budget, the first factor to ask yourself is whether you’ll be doing the legwork or if a contractor will be installing the new cabinets.

Purchasing RTA cabinets or pre-assembled are simple to install yourself and will help you reallocate some of the budget to other areas of your remodel project. Make sure you’re aware of the work required, all the details surrounding your kitchen space, and when each step of the process needs to be completed.

The details include making sure the sizes are proportionate to your space, the number of cabinets and drawers needed, and where each piece of the kitchen cabinetry will be placed in the new kitchen design.

Understand the Style & Type of Cabinets

You’re faced with three options for your cabinets. RTA, stock, and custom cabinets each have their own price points, and each are beautiful in your home.

Measure the cabinet walls and unit carefully and draw the space with each piece of the cabinets in place.

At In Stock Kitchens, we have high-quality pre-assembled and ready to assemble cabinets, all solid birch wood that are stable and durable. With strong construction models, shaker and raised or flat panel doors, as well as solid wood frames, you know you’re getting a quality cabinet.

When you’re getting ready to prepare for your project, think about whether you’re using a contractor, and what style would work best in your home. There are different doors, drawers, and storage capabilities. Visit In Stock Kitchens for the cheap quality kitchen cabinets that make your space stand out.