Where To Start Your Kitchen Purchase

Do you know where the average consumer starts when deciding to buy a kitchen? It stems from these 3 main categories:

  • Color – Is the first thing that comes to mind. People usually have a color in mind in the pre-design process.
  • Style – Whether it is pure simplicity or elaborate decorative edges, style is the next big driver in the decision making.
  • Design – Comes in third! The basic kitchen designs are a Galley, L-shape and a U-shape.

As you can guess by now, Cost comes in fourth, even though it is on every consumers mind from the start of the project.

kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Handles and Knobs

Choose The Right Kitchen Handle or Knob

kitchen handles and knobs

Choosing the right handle or knob is a crucial step in the final design process of your new kitchen. It literally can make or break a beautiful kitchen design.

When we design kitchens, we like to design for the long haul. What we mean by that is; we do not want it outdated in 5 years. That’s why classic styles like shaker and raised panels have had such longevity in the kitchen cabinet market. This holds true for color too, the old adage “dollar wise… penny foolish” comes to mind.

Pick a handle or knob that compliments the attributes of your solid wood kitchen cabinetry. As an example; a shaker is a plain cabinet style which allows you to get more detailed in your choice of cabinet pulls or handles. The reverse holds true for an intricate raised panel design. The varieties are endless as are the manilas they are made with, pewter, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze and beyond!

The nice thing about handles, pulls and knobs are, they can be changed out down the road if your taste changes over time!

Design Your Kitchen Peninsula

Tips & Tricks For Your Kitchen Peninsula

The first thing homeowners have to consider with their kitchen peninsula is if they want the countertop material to blend with the rest of the kitchen scheme or if they want variation in it. The next important element is determining the functionality of the peninsula. Will you have bar seating or will it be used as additional dining space? One of the most important decisions you will make is deciding if you want the U-shape or L-shape design.

The L-shape peninsula utilizes two wall surfaces with kitchen appliances mainly placed on one wall. Alternatively, the U-shape kitchen peninsula features the use of three wall surfaces where the refrigerator, sink, and oven all utilize their own wall. Both of these layouts are beautiful and provide their own function in the kitchen. Ultimately, it comes down to what you want in your dream kitchen design!

u-shape kitchen peninsula

Kitchen Island or Kitchen Peninsula? The On-Going Debate.

How Should You Choose Kitchen Island or Kitchen Peninsula?

Bottom line, there is no real answer to this never-ending debate. It all comes down to the homeowners personal preference. However, there are many factors that can influence your preference. Personal needs, family size and kitchen size all play a major role in what the best fit for your kitchen is. If you need additional work-space, then the kitchen island would be an excellent decision for you. However, if space is limited in your kitchen, then the peninsula might be the better choice because of its natural smaller size. The only guarantee when it comes to selecting the island or peninsula, is that you will have a beautiful, trendy, and modern look with either option. If you find yourself having this tough debate and need an extra hand, In Stock Kitchens is here to help! We can provide an absolutely FREE 3-D kitchen design of your layout and determine what is best for you. We hope to hear from you soon!

kitchen peninsula pictureskitchen island picture

Pros and Cons of the Kitchen Peninsula

kitchen peninsula

Kitchen Peninsula… What’s That?

A kitchen peninsula is a set of cabinets that are connected to the rest of the kitchen, but only on one side. This design has become more and more popular and is now in fact included in most kitchen designs.

Kitchen Peninsula Pros

The peninsula is an excellent choice for smaller kitchen layouts. It is extremely space efficient. If you’re worried about walking room, no need! A kitchen peninsula has three open sides for easy access. Peninsulas are also a great way to create a visual separation between the kitchen and other other living areas such as the living room or dining room. And the best part is that you do not need to close off the space with a wall. Similarly to the kitchen island, you get plenty of countertop space and additional storage. In fact, you often times get even more space and storage then an island! Perhaps you have a big family or entertain lost of guests, and you are concerned about the amount of seating. A peninsula provides plenty of space for barstools which allows you to optimize dining space. If you love to cook or are a professional cook, a peninsula is easier to transition between kitchen and appliance.

Kitchen Peninsula Cons

One major concern that goes with peninsulas is the bottleneck effect. With an attached counter, it can potentially cause heavy traffic due to family members running in and out, going to the fridge, going through cabinets, while you are prepping meals. The island, on the other hand, allows separate entry points into the kitchen versus only having 1 spot. No one wants to feel trapped or claustrophobic in their kitchen, so this is very important to consider.

Design Tips For the Kitchen Island

kitchen island design tips

As with any kitchen design, you will need to consider how much space you have in your kitchen and carefully plan how you plan on using that space. Do you want the kitchen island to simply be a place where you can hang out with your family and friends? Will you be storing essential kitchen equipment in the island? Perhaps you plan on using it for additional dining space for hosting parties. Each option will have its own design implications and determine the size of the island. You also will need to make sure that by adding a kitchen island, there is plenty of surrounding space to walk and maneuver. You do not want to sacrifice functionality! You will also need to determine the layout of the island to make sure you leave enough room for the rest of the dining area. Additionally, you also might want the island to match the entirety of your current kitchen design and lovely all wood kitchen cabinets. This means installing the correct stone and color palette. However, if you want the island to be the “center piece” of the kitchen and stand out, you can take advantage of this opportunity to add different aesthetics and “daring” or “bold” colors.

Pros & Cons of Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Island – What Is It?

kitchen island

Simply put, a kitchen island is a counter that is unattached from the main kitchen countertops and is easily accessible from all sides. Due to the fact it stands alone and is surrounded by nothing, the name “island” was easily created. It serves as a very practical, convenient, and functional design piece.

Pros of the Kitchen Island

By adding a kitchen island, you provide yourself with additional workspace and storage which allows you to optimize your kitchen for organization. In addition to workspace and storage, you can design sinks and appliances to be installed with the island. Perhaps most importantly, the kitchen island is a convenient place for family and friends to gather around to spend time together and enjoy good conversation. While your family and friends are surrounding the extra space in the kitchen, you should still have plenty of room to operate in the kitchen and continue preparing your meal.

Cons of the Kitchen Island

Despite all of its great advantages, there can be some disadvantages. If you have a small home, the addition of a kitchen island could make the space feel even more crowded. Additional, if you do have a small space, the island may be too small to support extra sinks or appliances and would limit the amount of seating. For larger families, adding a kitchen island may not be the best design for your kitchen because they may not be able to sit comfortably around the island.

Simple Bathroom Design Tips

Looking to freshen up that old bathroom of yours? In Stock Kitchens is here to provide some insight on how you can improve the look and feel of your home, and cost effectively too! Ready to rock that new bathroom design? Let’s go!

Those old shower curtains need to go! Try adding a tieback for the drapes to add some decoration to the bathroom.

Install a frame around the bathroom mirrors. Even if you have a full wall mirror, you can add moldings instead and still get the same high class effect.

bathroom light fixtures

Replace the bathmats and towels. That can give a completely new style to the bathroom. Couple that with a solid color that includes patterns.

Update those old light fixtures. Have fun with it and pick something that really stands out to add some pizzazz to the bathroom.

bathroom light fixtures

Refresh the windows that can go with those new beautiful mats and towels you just bought!

Put that significant other of yours to work and add a new coat of paint or put up some new wallpaper.

Most importantly, update the bathroom cabinets! Nothing screams new like fresh bathroom vanities.

Kitchen Addition

As every kitchen and bath designing enthusiast should, In Stock Kitchens closely follows industry leaders – such as Houzz. After readinf one of their recent articles, we believe that it could add a ton of value to you, our fans, customers, and audience! We loved it so much and we hope you all appreciate it as well.

If you would like, we encourage everyone to follow us on Houzz, and stay as up-to-date as posisble with customer photos and interesting designing tips and tricks!

7 Common Design Dilemmas

When you first purchase a home, there are bound to be several features that you consider eyesores. What many people don’t know is that these challenges have a simple solution! Perhaps you have a room that’s very narrow, extremely long, or extremely small? In Stock Kitchens have some tips and tricks to get you through your kitchen designing dilemmas!

1. Narrow Space

Stripes! Stripes are able to visually expand a room. It does not matter if the stripes are narrow or wide, however, make sure they run horizontally! The reason is because you want eyes to travel left and right. You can paint stripes on or simply use wallpaper, but it is the best way to make a room appear wider!
narrow kitchen space

White on White on White! An all-white or soft-toned color, you can easily lead eyes to the window of an outdoor space. These helps alleviate a cramped feeling in what otherwise is a narrow space. The important part here is to minimize textures or patterns which can distract eyes from going outside.
white kitchen walls

2. Pocket-Size Room
Color. Pick a bold color that you love. By adding this to a smaller room, you can create a snug vibe that people enjoy being in. In our example here we have a very luxurious feel, even though it’s pocket-sized!
pocket sized room

Mirrors. You can easily create the illusion of a much larger room by adding mirrors. You can trick people into thinking the size of a room is twice as big by adding floor-to-ceiling mirrors. large mirrors

3. How Open is TOO Open
open room space
Divide and Conquer. Creating zones or areas in an open space can boost functionality and also provide a great deal of privacy. With free-standing dividers or sliding walls, there are many options to design attractive features that also are not necessarily permanent.
sliding door room dividers

Inception. Try designing a room, within a room, within a room (get it!?). All jokes aside, by adding screens or glass doors within rooms, you can provide a high level of privacy that is also seemingly not there. You can even throw some curtains up from the ceiling so a specific area of the room can be boxed off.

4. Plumbers Crack
open plumbing pipes

Celebrate differences. Typically when you hear about or see exposed pipes and brick, you think of an industrial building, factories, warehouses, etc. Why can’t we embrace this feature in a home, or dare I say, highlight it! Try painting the pipes in different, fun colors. Purposely draw attention to them and highlight the cool designs that are naturally made by them.

More plumbing! Have the exposed pipes featured throughout the room or even throughout the house, maybe as a theme. Try to match the original pipe styles, even if they aren’t functional. Polish them, shine them, embrace them! That’ll certainly provide a real WOW factor.

industrial bathroom style

5. Aesthetic Eyesores
bamboo plants
Natural beauty. The view out of a window could make or a break the purchase of a new home. No one wants to see an old rundown building or other unsightly views right next door. Do you garden? If not, you should start! Planting pretty trees is an excellent way to hide any unpleasantries, and also greatly enhance your property. Try to stick with evergreen trees such as bamboo. However, the best solution would be to speak with a professional landscaper who can most properly guide you in the best options.

Hide in plain sight. Blinds can easily block any ugly view you want and also create some privacy for you. You can install blinds that allow plenty of natural light in, while also restricting outside view. If you have the budget or extra money to spend on the kitchen costs, you can also look into some beautiful custom blinds!
tall window blinds

6. Ceilings
low ceiling room

Tall curtains. The dreaded low ceiling! Although it sounds terrible, there is a very simple and cost effective solution! Try hanging curtains from the ceiling that reach the floor. Call it Houdini magic, but this can actually create a waterfall feel that gives the illusion of height.

Furnishings. Transparent furniture definitely make a space feel much more open. Go with glass or acrylic selections that also add some glamour! This style can also make a room feel a little loftier than it really is.

transparent furniture

7. Utilize the Unusable
home office space
Tight squeeze. You might either really need or desperately want a study room or office. However, you just don’t have the space for it, how tragic! Did you know you could transform the are beneath a stairwell in a perfectly usable room!? Go figure! Don’t be concerned with the awkward angles of the stairwell; use it to your advantage! Install some shelving to hold the essentials.

Shelf Stacking. Instead of having guests stare at a blank walls, install some stacked shelves. This could be the case next to a fireplace or television set in the living room. You won’t regret it! wall with stacked shelves