What to Think About Before Deciding on New Kitchen Cabinets

cheap rta kitchen cabinetsRemodeling the kitchen is a huge investment—and even bigger decision. You want the cabinets to stand out for years, resist wear and tear, and maintain its natural appeal.

It’s a strenuous, yet exciting decision. Before you do the legwork of finding the right cabinets for your home, make sure you ask yourself some questions and think about what’s most important in your kitchen space.

First, think about what kind of cabinets fit your kitchen:

Each of these options are available at different price points with custom being the most expensive and RTA being the most affordable option. When you’re thinking about your budget and the money you can allocate to your cabinets, that should point you in the right direction. For most remodels, stock cabinets and ready to assemble provide the quality, dependency, and strength to last for many years.

Then, think about the construction of your cabinetry. For most kitchens, you’re going to choose between solid wood, plywood, and laminate veneers. Of these three, solid wood provides the most options while displaying natural beauty.

Solid wood is strong, durable, and tested to withstand wear and tear. Choose solid wood, discount and cheap kitchen cabinets from In Stock Kitchens where you’ll see a variety of stained finishes to meet your desires.

  • White Cabinetry
  • Honey Stained Maple
  • Stained Cherry
  • Stained Black Cabinets

At all ends of the spectrum, you have the option that meets your needs. There is a solid wood style that reflects your personality, complements your appliances and existing décor, and provides the necessary storage.

Finally, think about how much storage space you need. From added shelving to more space in cabinet drawers, you want to make sure all the groceries, pots and pans, dishes and glassware, silverware, and more are properly stored.

You can find the right sized cabinets you need at In Stock Kitchens. Before you make a decision about what’s best for your kitchen, think about these three things that can help you pinpoint which cabinet options are right for your home.

Pros of RTA Maple Stained Wood Kitchen Cabinets

All Wood Cabinets | InStockKitchens.comThe kitchen is a place of many uses, often the heart of the home. You want to be comfortable and live in a luxurious space. Cabinets are the centerpiece of the kitchen and when you’re remodeling the room, the cabinets deserve most of the attention.

When you buy kitchen cabinets, you’re looking for the best deals that make your home look beautiful. Solid wood stained cabinets help your home achieve the modern, functional look that bring warmth and durability to the elegant design.

With solid wood stained cabinets, you’ll see many benefits that help complete the kitchen. When it comes to the beautiful color and finish of stained maple cabinets, what are some advantages you’ll see?

Advantages of Stained Maple Cabinets

Maple stained cabinets are ideal when you’re looking to match existing décor. Through a combination of beauty and durability, the construction of our cabinets have many quality features.

  • Strength – Of the many qualities found with maple stained wood, its construction is sturdy and strong. The finish is resistant to most stains, scratches, and dings, although you may see some fading after prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Versatility – The smooth finish provides a versatile range of tones, from honey stains to darker tones that stand out in your kitchen. With the quality wood structure and construction, you’ll be able to match the décor of your kitchen, whether the countertops or the appliances. With an all-natural finish, you can be confident in the versatility of maple stains.
  • Durability – The cream, honey color of the stain creates a smooth and uniform appearance that shows durability. Its natural beauty is durable to withstand many years for an affordable price.

Choosing the Best Cabinets for Your Kitchen

When you’re ready to choose stained maple kitchen cabinets, shop at In Stock Kitchens for the best prices on durable wood constructions. Our complete collections of stained wood cabinets are ready-to-assemble and help you save your budget for the surrounding décor and appliances.

Whether you’re upgrading or remodeling, the maple wood stained cabinets from In Stock Kitchens help your room stand out to family and friends. There are many benefits that come with solid wood cabinets. Experience the strength of construction and durability of the cabinets by remodeling with In Stock Kitchens.

A Closer Look at Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

raised kitchen cabinets onlineMore than just choosing the style cabinets and color of stained wood, the search takes on extra depth when determining the door style. There are many options and two of the most common are shaker and raised panel.

Let’s take a deeper look at raised panel doors and how you can get them on affordable kitchen cabinets.

What are raised panel cabinets?

Simply put, the center panel in the cabinet door is raised above the rest of the door. You’ll typically find a recessed border around the panel.

The raised center profile portrays a 3D look for a more traditional feel in your kitchen. Not all raised panels are the same, yet they all add an extra dimension to the door and appearance of the cabinets as a whole.

A traditional cabinet style

When looking to add an appealing look to the cabinets, the raised panels are traditional and are often seen in traditional kitchens with cathedral cabinet doors. Raised panel works well with many types of kitchens aside from traditional, including transitional, country, or rustic kitchens. Raised panel provides additional detail and adds dimension to your kitchen.

For kitchen styles that are more contemporary, consider recessed panels for your space.

The perfect blend with modern hardware

Combining the raised panel cabinets with modern hardware can help you fill out your kitchen and create a lasting space.

Using drawer pulls adds an extra layer of versatility for modern and traditional settings. Blending with metal or stainless-steel counters and appliances help the raised panels to stand out.

It’s a big decision, and you should ask yourself some common questions before you choose the cabinets for your new-look kitchen.

  • Are you looking for a traditional or modern and rustic feel in your kitchen?
  • Do you want clean lines or ornate details in your cabinets and doors?
  • What are the details of your countertops and other appliances?

When you’re ready to remodel the kitchen, make your purchase of discount kitchen cabinets at In Stock Kitchens. We have a large variety of stains to match the color you’re looking for, and the raised panel doors help you create a unique space.

What You’ll Find with Cherry Stained Wood Kitchen Cabinets

cherry kitchen cabinetsCherry stained wood cabinets add a touch of warmth and elegance to your kitchen. While some may say this stain is going out of style, it is still popular among many homeowners.

When you get the highest quality of wood kitchen cabinets, stained to the coloring finish that stands out in your space, cherry will almost always do the trick. At In Stock Kitchens, our Cherry kitchen cabinets provide character and a unique personality.

Characteristics of Cherry Stained Cabinets

Cherry stained cabinets contain quality features and an appealing color. The reddish hue and finish offers strength, durability and scratch resistance features.

The smooth finish and clean lines can help add appeal and allure to new-look kitchen. The rich color provides an aesthetic value and with exposure to sunlight, the color will deepen. With its warm color, you’ll find a more inviting feeling in your kitchen.

Cherry stained birch wood has become a reasonable choice for many homeowners looking for a long-lasting structure.

Unique Features of Cherry Stained Cabinets

Part of cherry’s appeal is its many different finishes. Depending on your personal taste, the uniqueness could be a positive or a negative, but we tend to view them as a positive. The reaction to sunlight and changing colors can help you keep a fresh look in your kitchen.

The color variations to the finish help you decide which will look best in your space. All the finishes will look well and complement the décor of the kitchen. The finishes you’ll find here will make the cabinets pop. From the variety of sizes to match your kitchen, to the RTA style, you can save a lot of money and allocate your budget to other areas that enhance the look and feel of your kitchen.

When you’re ready to commit to new cabinets and a new kitchen design, let In Stock Kitchens help you choose the perfect piece of cabinetry. Browse our collection of cherry wood stained pieces and buy your cabinets online right here. Our products make your kitchen stand out.

Why White Cabinets Work for Your Kitchen

discount white kitchen cabinetsAs with any cabinet style, there are benefits and disadvantages of associated with the different colors of cabinets. When you’re thinking about white cabinets for your kitchen remodel, the design and appeal will surely stand out, and the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

For any homeowner thinking about refacing their kitchen, their left with endless possibilities. The cabinets make the centerpiece of the kitchen and can make or break the new design, depending on the options you choose.

White cabinets have a natural appeal and are a leading choice among homeowners. At In Stock Kitchens, we have a broad selection of the highest quality, inexpensive white cabinets for your home.

Clean & Fresh Look

White leaves a clean look that will highlight unique features in your space. Kitchens are all shapes and sizes, and white can help your kitchen achieve the allure of added space. Through simple maintenance and upkeep with your white cabinets, you can help the rest of your kitchen look much cleaner.

Allows for More Creativity in Your Design

When you choose white, you’ll have the flexibility to make any changes you’d like. White enables you to be creative and complete a unique feel with the surrounding décor and appliances. The great part about white cabinets is that they are sophisticated, yet classy, while modern at the same time. Many homeowners choosing white see the design benefits and creativity as a lasting appeal.

Be creative with the backsplash, countertop material, and appliances. No matter the color and styles chosen for the décor of the kitchen, all will match with white cabinets.

Must Provide Maintenance

While you should always keep up with your cabinets, white will show dirt, stains, and scratches due to its color. For dust and other grime, you should always clean your cabinets regularly. While this may be seen by some as a drawback, regular maintenance should always be conducted. It will ensure the cleanliness and great appeal that you’ve come to expect from your space.

As you look for new designs for your quality kitchen cabinets, consider In Stock Kitchens. All of our cabinets are manufactured using the strongest birch wood and stained to meet your color interests. You’ll find that the wood is durable, sturdy, and long-lasting, creating an aesthetic appeal in your kitchen.

Browse our inventory, from white wood to classic wood, and make the kitchen the focal point of your home.

Shaker Cabinets: What You Need to Know

buy shaker kitchen cabinets onlineAn extremely popular choice for their unique ability to complement décor in just about any kitchen, the shaker style cabinet offers a simple construction for a classic look.

The definition of shaker kitchen cabinets is you’ll receive a five-piece door with a four-piece frame. With a flat, inset panel, you’ll see two rails on the top and bottom plus two stiles on the left and right.

The right cabinetry can make or break the design of your kitchen. With the shaker style, the five-piece doors can be combined with inset, partial overlay, or full-overlay doors and drawer fronts. You have a wide variety of options when it comes to the craftsmanship.

All shaker style cabinets use the values of simplicity and utility in their design and architecture.

What Works Well with Shaker Cabinets?

Good news when you shop at In Stock Kitchens is the traditional look pairs best with natural, solid wood. The stains of wood that are available in our collections include walnut, maple, and cherry, all of which aid in the appeal of shaker cabinets.

When it comes to the pulls, stay simple with a wooden knob on your cabinet doors. Many homeowners mix five-piece doors with slab panels, creating an all-Shaker look. This offers more of a contemporary feel for your kitchen. With the slab panels, you can save money on your investment.

Affordability of Shaker Cabinets

Shakers can be more affordable than other traditional door styles due to the materials, proportions, and basic construction. If you’re shopping for refurbished cabinets on a budget, then shaker style is perhaps the most appealing.

There are a few decisions you’ll need to make when it comes to shakers, from slab-front drawers to squared edges. There’s one thing that has remained true to shaker styles, and that’s the timeless appeal and natural attractiveness.

If you’re looking to buy kitchen cabinets, let In Stock Kitchens be your one-stop shop. With a huge selection of shakers and other styles, you can transform your kitchen well within budget at In Stock Kitchens. Browse our collections and make your purchase today.

Your Buying Guide for RTA Kitchen Cabinets

rta kitchen cabinetsWhen you’re remodeling your kitchen, a central component is finding the perfect cabinets—at the best prices. It’s a huge investment, and depending on the route you choose to take, there are high-quality cabinets that you can purchase without denting your budget.

Ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets allow you to save money while still purchasing quality. To see if RTA cabinets are the right call for your new kitchen, our RTA kitchen buying guide will help you decide.

What are RTA Cabinets?

Due to RTA meaning ready to assemble, this adds some work you’ll need to complete upon delivery of your new kitchen. When ordering, all the parts are cut to size and any finishes that were requested are in place.

When you buy your kitchen cabinets online and get them delivered RTA, the parts are stacked and wrapped securely. Stained to the finish that you choose, you’re then faced with the task of putting the cabinets together and installing them in your kitchen.

Are RTA cabinets good quality?

Simply put, yes. The RTA cabinets from In Stock Kitchens are very high quality, manufactured from the same solid birch wood as our pre-assembled cabinets. The same durability, strength, and attractiveness you get with pre-assembled cabinets also come with RTA cabinets. Find the style you like, make sure you choose the specifications for your kitchen, and once installed the quality will speak for itself.

How much do RTA cabinets cost?

With the unassembled cabinets, you save a substantial amount of money. While you’re getting the same quality as our assembled cabinets, you save on the cost of shipping and labor. Because you’re assembling the cabinets yourself and getting them shipped in stacks, the total cost allows you to save thousands of dollars.

RTA is a popular choice among many homeowners due to the ease of assembly and the low cost.

Selecting an RTA Cabinet Manufacturer

Once you have done your research, the final step is to choose a manufacturer that you can trust. The company should have quality designs, use durable materials, and be responsive to any questions you have in the process.

At In Stock Kitchens, our RTA cabinets can help redefine your home and the cheap kitchen cabinets help you save money. Browse our collection of the finest, solid wood cabinet constructions to find the perfect line for your new kitchen.

Selecting White Kitchen Cabinets for Your Kitchen Makeover

white kitchen cabinetsWhen you’re looking at the wide array of styles, designs, stains, and colors of cabinets, there’s one that provides unique value. That’s where white kitchen cabinets come into play.

Still on the upward trend, homeowners are selecting white cabinets at a rapid pace. In the Houzz 2017 Kitchen Trends Report, 41% of Baby Boomers, 47% of Millennials, and 43% of all others are choosing white as their cabinet color.

But why? What makes white so appealing to implement into your kitchen? White is clean, neat, and fresh. When you’re redesigning and remodeling the busiest room in your home, you want to start with a clean and fresh design.

A Healthy Feel

For the ultimate design, white can complement and morph into any style you’d like. When the rest of your kitchen is either contemporary, traditional, or transitional, white creates the perfect appeal.

As the brightest color on the spectrum, it reflects light and creates a sense of space to represent happiness. The all-white affordable quality cabinets are soothing, warm, and inviting. They draw attention to the surrounding décor and stand out to friends and family.


White brings out your style. With all the complements of appliances and décor, the results of white cabinets are welcoming, relaxed, and present comfort. They’re timeless and create a clean space. There’s nowhere for dirt and grime to hide, so regular upkeep makes the kitchen stay in great shape. Because the cabinets last longer than other aspects of your kitchen, choosing white cabinets helps to complement new appliances when you make the transition.

Options for Your Appliances

Due to the popularity of white kitchens, appliance manufacturers have introduced off-white variations that will match either your overlay panels or cabinet door style. From marble style countertops to white laminates and quartz counters, you could create a lasting appeal for your remodel. While the match will look great, not everything has to be white, and if you choose granite counters, you’ll create a balanced kitchen.

As you begin your search, check out the discounted prices of our bright white cabinets. You’ll save money for other remodeling costs and transform the look of your kitchen. Let In Stock Kitchens provide your home with a truly timeless design.

Maple Stained Cabinets: Making the Right Choice

maple kitchen cabinetsWhat color cabinets will make your kitchen stand out? That’s the burning question when you’re shopping for a new look and new design.

Think about your surrounding décor and think about the finishes that will add a touch of class. Enter maple stained quality cabinets. Maple stains are some of the finest examples of craftsmanship available for your kitchen.

It’s the affordable quality cabinets that are attractive and provide your home with an appeal you can be proud to present to friends, family, and company.

Why Maple Wood Stained Cabinets?

You’ll find that besides the aesthetic and attractive appeal of the maple stain, there are a number of other benefits that show you’re making the right choice with the finish.

Versatile: The versatility of maple helps make sure you have more control over the appearance of your entire kitchen. When you have a thought in mind—a color scheme or a particular finished design throughout the kitchen space—then maple wood is versatile enough to help you achieve this look.

Durable: With the birch wood stained maple cabinets we offer at In Stock Kitchens, you’ll find the durability you’re looking for in your new kitchen. For kitchens that experience a lot of wear and tear, the maple cabinets are the right choice for you.

Beautiful: With a smooth finish and even lines, maple wood stains produce a product that is eye appealing. Usually light in color, our birch wood can be stained in a variety of maple colors to perfectly complement the décor and appliances in your kitchen. These quality kitchen cabinets are beautiful and will last many years.

Cost-Effective: With In Stock Kitchens, you’ll get a lower cost for maple stained cabinets than most other retailers. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you can retain the majority of your remodeling budget, or simply save a lot of money, by browsing our selection of maple stains.

You have a variety of options with maple stains, and they produce the perfect complement to traditional, classical, and contemporary kitchens. Create your dream kitchen with maple wood. Start the process by purchasing at In Stock Kitchens.

What to Look for When Shopping for Kitchen Cabinets

As you contemplate your next kitchen and the décor you’re interested in, it starts with the cabinets. It takes more than just looking at the surface to make the right decision.

You have to take into account the wear and tear, the storage capacity, and how your quality kitchen cabinets will stand the test of time. When you’re shopping for cabinets, looking online and browsing through kitchen showrooms, all the cabinets look flawless. They’re always perfect.

But, in reality, your kitchen will not always be perfect. From the dings to scratches to shelving overloads, you have to know what you’re getting yourself into.

The Stain

Of course, one of the first things you’ll for is the color of the cabinets. There are always trends, whether white or off-white to the complete black and anywhere in between. At In Stock Kitchens, all of our cabinets are birch wood, stained from dark chocolate to maple to white. We cover all ends of the spectrum.

The construction and assembly is secure with all stains, and you’ll find them attractive, strong, and will last many years in your new-look home.

The Features

Think about what you have in your kitchen and how much space you’ll need. Cabinets come with a variety of different features, both on the interior and the exterior.

Drawers are flexible, and whether you’re using them for silverware or pots and pans, you can make the space necessary to fit your kitchen supplies comfortably. The cabinets can be pull outs, have horizontal or vertical dividers, to meet your needs.

With full overlay doors and drawers, complete with dovetailed boxes, you can provide a modern touch to your kitchen.

The Qualities

You have to know that your cabinets are durable and sturdy. They need to be able to store your possessions and kitchen belongings. Durability is a quality that you shouldn’t overlook. You want cabinets that will stand the test of time, able to resist scratches and stains.

With solid wood, these characteristics are all present. You’ll find them easy to clean, resistant to many mishaps like scratches, and varying levels of storage capacity so you remain comfortable with your kitchen and its surroundings.

As you begin your journey looking for affordable quality cabinets in your kitchen, start and end with In Stock Kitchens. Our selection of the highest quality birch wood is stained in a variety of colors, from the light to the dark, appealing to all interests.

Find your durable, sturdy, and long-lasting cabinets right here.