Flat Panel vs. Shaker Style Cabinets

flat panel kitchen cabinetsWhen you’re remodeling the kitchen, one of the most time-consuming decisions is the style and finish of your cabinets. As a fixture in your kitchen and something you’ll be looking at every day for the foreseeable future, it’s a huge decision.

You can go back and forth between affordable quality cabinets, but it’s the door style that ultimately makes your decision. Whether it’s a shaker style, flat panel, or raised panel, the choice is yours. Today we’re going to take a look at shaker versus flat panel cabinets, and what the difference between the two is.

Flat Panel Cabinets:

If you like a more minimalist style of cabinet, then look at the flat panel. Flat panel is easy to clean and offers a sleek, streamlined look to your room. When you like this style for your modern or contemporary space, and a satin glass is the best option.

Sometimes referred to as slab doors, they are fairly common for homeowners looking for a more contemporary feel. The color and finish are critical for flat panels and provide a minimalist appearance. Browse through our collection of flat panel style doors and you’ll find one that piques your interest.

Shaker Style Cabinet Doors:

shaker style kitchen cabinetsThe shaker is often referred to as recessed panel doors. They are timeless and the simple raised frames are still very popular today, and its appeal is drawn from the straightforward design. The style supports a wide range of details and can complement either contemporary or traditional style cabinets. If you’re not comfortable committing to a specific style, then the shaker will be perfect in your kitchen.

With a shaker, you’ll have plenty of opportunity for customization, a style that appeasl to your home, a quality finish, and a cost-effective price. The touch of simplicity adds a special touch, and molds nicely with a variety of kitchen designs.

What to Choose:

When it’s all said and done, you deserve to design your kitchen in a way that meets your vision. It’s a matter of taste and what you prefer for your kitchen.

At In Stock Kitchens, we have an extensive variety of in-stock RTA cabinetry at some of the lowest prices. Get all the information you need about different door styles and then shop with us to get the perfect cabinet for your new kitchen.

What to Expect with Espresso Shaker Style Cabinets

quality kitchen cabinetsWhat are you looking for out of your new kitchen? When you narrow your options of quality kitchen cabinets to a darker finish with a smooth shaker style, an espresso shaker gives a contemporary look and feel to the kitchen at a competitive price.

With different models and cabinet designs to select, from single doors and drawers to double doors, double drawers, and microwave or tray bases, you can find the perfect espresso shaker that molds seamlessly into your kitchen.

There are many benefits you’ll see with espresso shaker, including durability and coziness. The dark finish will help you enjoy every moment you spend in your kitchen. At In Stock Kitchens, you have the highest quality of birch solid wood face frames with solid wood stiles and rails.

Transport Friendly

As with other RTA affordable quality cabinets, espresso shakers are in high demand. One of the most popular dark wood shakers, they are transport friendly and easy to assemble without getting damaged. When you order RTA cabinetry, you’ll receive tremendous cost savings and avoid a number of hazards and hurdles as they can be easily placed into your kitchen.

Design Ideas

No two kitchens are the same. When you’re remodeling, you could be looking at a new island counter, modern appliances, and different locations for your cabinets. That presents a lot of design ideas when it comes to the options you have with your cabinetry.

With fully concealed, European style and soft-closing hinges, there are many features that come in this box construction. From kitchen islands to kitchen hutches to stacked wall cabinets, pantry wells, or wet bars, the design options are virtually endless with your cabinets.

Quality Finish

Let the espresso stand out in your kitchen with stained espresso sides to match pre-finished boxes and plywood shelves. You’ll experience everlasting beauty and a high-end finish that helps you live in a sense of luxury while knowing stayed well within budget through In Stock Kitchens.

If you want further assurance that this is the cabinet to be the centerpiece of your new kitchen, you can always order a sample door to match it with your surroundings in the kitchen.

Get great prices and make sure you turn your kitchen into the most beautiful room in the house with espresso shaker kitchen cabinets.

Tips to Save Money When Investing in New Kitchen Cabinets

discount kitchen cabinetsAre you looking to buy kitchen cabinets on a budget? Most of the time, it’s about the style you choose, the finish you like, and the designs you incorporate into the drawers and doors.

The good news is, it’s not too difficult to find quality kitchen cabinets at a price point that meets or is under your specified budget. Plus, you can make the kitchen pop. In fact, you can achieve your dream kitchen, sans top of the line appliances, by stretching your budget with these cost-cutting tips.

Choose a Nice, Affordable Wood Species

If you choose the right wood species, you can cut hundreds of dollars off the cost of your cabinets and the remodel. The collection at In Stock Kitchens are those affordable quality cabinets that help transform your kitchen. We use strong, durable, cost effective European Birch. Choose the style you like and the doors that give you the most comfort. Wood can be a timeless, beautiful addition to your kitchen. You’ll find the most affordable wood species right here in all of our collections.

Full-Extension Glides at Partial-Extension Prices

Full extension glides are common upgrades for homeowners, however at In Stock Kitchens our cabinet collections come with full-extension undermount or side mount glides giving you the most bang for you buck as far as space utilization without the frustration.

Choose A Cabinet Collection With Glaze For An Added Flare

Glaze offers an added aesthetic appeal to the finish in your kitchen, taking your look one step further than a simple paint or stain. If you want something bold and brilliant take a look at our Bright White collection, however if you want something a little more timeless check out our Vintage White Collection that has just that hint of glazing to really soften the look.

Fall In Love With Your Cabinets

Our In stock cabinets can save you up to 30% off fully customized cabinetry, but you can still get the custom feel with accents like corbels, turnposts, cabinet legs and more. The right hardware and countertop material can also help upgrade the appeal of your cabinets, and they come at a lesser cost.

When you need to stick to your budget, trust In Stock Kitchen to provide a quality cabinet at the best price. Browse our collection and get started on your new kitchen feel today.

Selecting the Right Cabinet Door Style for Your Kitchen

The cabinet door. There are many styles that match your particular design preference, whether that’s a traditional or contemporary or shaker.

Selecting the right door style can be overwhelming, yet exciting when it comes time to install your RTA cabinetry. The process doesn’t have to be so overwhelming when you know exactly what you want. The different styles appeal to different tastes.

The good news is that these door styles are available on the affordable quality cabinets you can find right here at In Stock Kitchens. Here’s the guide so you can select the cabinet door style that is right for you and matches your décor.

raised kitchen cabinetsRaised/Recessed Style

Complementing square doors, the raised/recessed style adds a high level of flexibility for any kitchen style. This is one of the most popular styles of kitchen cabinet doors.

Natural wood is always a higher value door, and that’s what you’ll find with In Stock Kitchens. The grooves of the raised/recessed panels for a deep, attractive profile that gives the doors a nice, attractive shadow effect at the top of the cabinet.

Ungrooved Slabs

One of the styles that are becoming more popular with the price points, slab cabinets provide a modern flair to your kitchen. When you’re looking for a frameless cabinet that adds to the simplistic look and appeal of your kitchen appliances, the slabs are a perfect choice.

Classic Shakerwhite shaker kitchen cabinets

Based on the historic furniture style of Shaker, this solid insert is most always a natural wood finish. You can find shakers in lighter or darker woods, from oak, maple, cherry, or other natural woods. The shakers provide a sense of elegance with their clean style. Some shakers provide a rustic feel, and is a great option for many homeowners.

Other Options?

Browse our collection and styles of doors that stand out to you. We have an extension collection of quality cabinets that would look perfect in your kitchen. Reach out to us if you have any questions about door styles or other types of cabinets.

The Top 3 Kitchen Cabinet Styles for the Fall Season

As the weather changes from the dog days of summer to the beginning of autumn, you’re home from vacation and looking for the next project to complete on the home.

If you have kitchen remodeling on the mind, the first thing you’re looking for is affordable quality cabinets. Luckily, at In Stock Kitchens, you’ll find an abundance of the highest quality cabinets that can make your kitchen stand out.

The autumn season brings out all the colors outside. Why not bring those colors out in your kitchen? We’re providing the top three quality kitchen cabinets that you can help make your decision a little easier when you’re starting your kitchen remodel.

Chestnut Flat Panel

Give your kitchen an antique type of feel with these all-wood chestnut cabinets. Each piece of wood in this collection is inspected and hand selected for quality control. These chestnut panels help you achieve the look that is just right for your personality and your vision.

Enjoy the amenities with stainless steel glides, full-extension drawers, and fine European hinges. With a finished interior, recessed finger groove in the doors, and stained, exposed chestnut sides to match both the exterior and interior, show off these flat panel cabinets in your kitchen.

Walnut Shaker Cabinets

If you’re looking for a shaker style, the walnut shaker collection is beautiful and simple with a durable construction. Pair these shaker cabinets with a variety of countertops and hardware appliances. With their dovetail drawers and metal glides, the plywood walnut construction will turn heads in your kitchen.

The straight lines enhance the design of these cabinets, and you’ll experience timeless finishes that are a mixture between traditional and transitional. The interior and exposed sides are stained to match the walnut colors, and the full overlay drawer fronts help to stand out.

This is a classic design that brings out true autumn colors to transform the look of your kitchen.

Maple Shaker Cabinets

If you want the shaker style, but a color a little lighter than walnut, our maple shaker cabinets are perfect for you. The honey maple stain on these all-wood cabinets offers an attractive appeal that sits beautifully in your kitchen.

The light, neutral color matches any décor inside your home, and the durability of the construction, including six-way adjustable hinges and a heavy-duty box construction create a unique kitchen aligned to your style.

Additional features of this collection include wood center panel doors, full-extension drawers, grade A plywood construction, and matching interior and sides. Think about the natural beauty of this color when you’re ready to remodel the kitchen. Ideal for the autumn season, they are perfect year-round.

Where to Select Your New Kitchen Cabinets

Get new-look quality cabinets direct from In Stock Kitchens. We pride ourselves on the hand inspected, quality of our cabinets. Browse these collections, or look through our other products to find the perfect style for your kitchen.

Tips on What to Expect When Ordering Unassembled Cabinets Online

unassembled kitchen cabinets online

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First off, you should know that not all cabinets are created equal. Some are of poor quality and some offer great value. With unassembled cabinets, you have to know whether what you’re ordering are quality kitchen cabinets or not.

The biggest benefit is they help you save money on your kitchen remodel project. They’ve improved in popularity year over year, placing the power of cost control in the hands of homeowners looking to save costs on one of their biggest investments.


Much of the cabinet box is constructed with quality plywood with sturdy panels and veneers. With quality construction and dovetail drawers, the assembly is secure. Built using real wood, homeowners will know that plywood from In Stock Kitchens will last through the wear and tear seen in everyday life.

These unassembled cabinets cover the full spectrum of quality, and the selection you’ll find here are every bit as attractive and strong as what you’ll find in a showroom.


With the types of finishes, you can’t mix and match for custom finishes. That means no insert cabinet drawers, but full or partial overlay drawers, no matter which collection you choose. The solid wood face frames and adjustable hinges make for a sound investment.

When you’re shopping around, it’s best to avoid spray-on finishes. You don’t want to have to replace the cabinets soon after the investment because they are showing signs of wear.

Priced Affordably

Unassembled cabinets make a good choice because they can be shipped for less than pre-assembled cabinets. Plus, because you’ll have to assemble them yourself, you’ll save on labor charges.

While there are lower end of the spectrum products, the higher quality are available for slightly more expensive prices. From the boxes to the face frames and solid wood doors, they are affordable and easy to put together.

Once you gather all the information you need to make a sound decision, shop with confidence. Now you should be able to confidently purchase your new set of quality cabinets. Browse through our site to find the quality wood, RTA cabinetry that can transform the look of your kitchen. Shop today.

What Makes a Good, Quality Bathroom Cabinet

0368045_pe549450_s5As you’re remodeling the bathroom, sometimes the cabinets are overlooked. You think about the countertops, the shower, and the color of the walls, but it’s the cabinets that can make or break the look and feel of your bathroom.

If you mismatch materials, forget about storage space, or just choose the first set of cabinets you see, you’re making a mistake. You can get affordable quality cabinets that make your new bathroom design stand out.

Cabinet Material

There are many different materials that you see in the bathroom. And while there are many great cheap bathroom cabinets, you don’t want to have to replace a vanity if the frame warps.

Making sure that the material is quality is critical because moisture and humidity from the shower can cause your vanities to crack or discolor when they’re not quality. Plus, you could see a sagging countertop if the cabinets can’t support it, which worsens over time and forces you to get replacement vanities.

The best material for cabinetry is solid wood. Solid wood cabinets and vanities have strong and sturdy capabilities, and all woods from maple to oak to birch are excellent materials.

Grade A plywood is also very durable and a great choice if you want quality while staying within your budget. Then there’s MDF bathroom vanities, which are the most economical, but you may feel that you’ll wind up needing a stronger material a few years down the line.

Cabinet Drawers

Your drawers should be somewhere between 3/8” and ½” thick. At In Stock kitchens our drawers have 5/8” solid wood sides and a 3/8” Grade A plywood bottom.


Know how much storage you’re going to need. Take inventory of what you currently store in your cabinets and how much extra space you’ll need.

The size of your bathroom must be taken into account. Work with the architecture of your bathroom. Don’t try to fit a huge vanity or cabinet into a tiny space, as it won’t look right. With size comes height. Around 30-36 inches is the right size for your cabinets, but inquire with a professional what would work right in your kitchen.

The best policy for storage is to add about 20% more space than you think you’ll need. It’s better to be safe with the storage space than to run out of room.

A Quality Bathroom Cabinet

Select a sturdy material, ensure it’s able to withstand the daily use, and have it stand up to the moisture and humidity commonly experienced in bathrooms. Once you have a material in mind, browse through our website and choose a cabinet style that we have in stock!

Cherry Wood Cabinets: Your Go-To Guide

cherry kitchen cabinets

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Remodeling can be daunting, raising your anxiety as you think about the choice you’re making. With cherry stained wood cabinets, you’ll find one advantage over another, helping to ease your anxiety and know that you made the right decision.

Your cabinets should appeal to your personality, help your kitchen stand out, and blend in with the surrounding décor. Here’s why Cherry kitchen cabinets are the reasonable choice for your new kitchen.

Besides from being made only from real European Birch wood, which adds to their natural beauty, they are high quality and can last many years without the wear and tear. Their strength and durability is one of the qualities that make the wood so appealing to homeowners.

A Great Value for the Quality

Our cherry stained cabinets lie somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. They are very budget friendly for the quality of the wood. While they aren’t cheap—in quality or in price—they aren’t expensive either. They are one of the biggest investments, and you want to know you’re making a valuable decision.

A Rich Color With Aesthetic Appeal

Mix the traditional and contemporary together with our Cherry cabinets. Our Cherry cabinet line has a natural color that deepens with age and light exposure. The deepening of the colors is what makes the wood so admired. The aesthetic value provides a rich color and warmth for a more inviting feeling into the room.

Add More Design Features with Cherry

The look and feel of the cabinets work well with any and all kitchen decorations. From the countertops to the appliances, furniture, and floors, the cherry wood can be the missing piece of the puzzle. Cherry can complete the room, creating a sense of style and taste.

Match your style and functionality with the contemporary designs produced with the finest grade of wood.

When you’re in the market for a newly designed kitchen, and you’re planning which style of cabinets will be most appealing and aesthetically pleasing, think about adding Cherry cabinets to your kitchen. If you’ve made your decision and are ready to take the next step in your kitchen remodeling project, get your online kitchen cabinets from In Stock Kitchens. We help make your kitchen stand out.

A Guide to Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

devonraised_slider1When you’re remodeling the kitchen, the cabinets play a huge factor. A lot of thought goes into the cabinet design, including flat panel and raised panel doors.

Raised panel cabinet doors provide a sense of elegance and bring life to your traditional kitchen décor. They bring character as the middle section of the door is raised slightly, creating a clear rectangle that adds both depth and definition to the door.

Raised panel quality kitchen cabinets provide an additional dimension to the design. They are extremely popular and very versatile in comparison to the flat panel cabinets.

In the center of the cabinet panel door, you’ll see a raised piece of wood that creates a more traditional and formal feel to any kitchen. Homeowners that add raised panel cabinets into their kitchen see a more sophisticated look as opposed to the flat panel style.

Why Should You Choose Raised Panel?

  • Complements Existing Décor & Adds a Warm Feeling to the Room
  • Varied Depths of the Raised Panels Enhances the Cabinet Lines
  • Each Door Panel Becomes its Own Display
  • Versatile to Accent a Traditional, Modern, or Transitional Kitchen
  • Creates Additional Furniture Style Features to the Cabinets

Each style, finish, and design of our affordable quality cabinets creates a different sense of allure. Depending on the space you have in your kitchen, this style will complement the countertops, furniture, and kitchen appliances.

We see many customers that choose the raised panel doors, both vertical and horizontal, and rave about the way it complements the existing décor in the kitchen. The variety of selections will merge well with the grain, texture, and color of the wood, creating an aesthetic appeal that is sure to be eye opening for all guests.

Many of the cabinets we have in stock have raised panel doors, completing the look of your upgraded and remodeled kitchen. When you’re ready for a new kitchen design, remember it starts with your cabinets. Contact us with any questions about raised panel cabinets to help you make the right decision.

The Benefits of Modern Bathroom Cabinets

bathroom vanities

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Your bathroom should provide comfort and an area in which you have storage space for all your toiletries. Installing cabinets provides the functionality that you need while giving you the space necessary to breathe easier.

You can transform the look of your master bathroom or powder room with cheap bathroom cabinets that define the room. The modern cabinets are much more ornate and simple than the traditional cabinets of the past.

Modern bathroom vanities and cabinets are wall mounted, giving you added space under and around the vanity. There are many benefits to choosing a modern style—and the same can be said when you’re considering quality kitchen cabinets—and here is what you should be considering.

Storage Space with Bathroom Cabinets

With a modern design comes extra—and much needed—space for storage. Many modern bathroom cabinets and vanities have drawers and cabinets built into the design. With the modern styles and finishes, it has more contemporary hardware and cleaner lines than a traditional look.

The added space you’ll see—even in smaller sized bathrooms—will help transform the room and ensure you’re able to maximize the amount of storage. With our bathroom products, you can never have too much storage capacity. Modern styles help you make the most of that.

Coordinated Look With Your Cabinets & Vanities

Bathroom cabinets come in a variety of sizes and styles to help you coordinate the décor of the room with the vanities. The modern look and variety helps you coordinate a unified look with your cabinets.

No matter the size of the bathroom, the modern appeal creates a sense flow in the room, helping each accent and cabinet to complement the existing aspects of the room. The rustic look of the modern cabinets don’t take up as much space as the traditional look, helping you take advantage of minimal space with modern cabinetry.

Designs & Décor Surrounding the Cabinets

Bathrooms and powder rooms are difficult to decorate. Often, you don’t have as much space as you thought and your design isn’t complementing the existing décor. With modern cabinetry and vanities from In Stock Kitchens, every piece in your bathroom will be functional and appear beautiful.

The clean and smooth lines of a modern design helps you save space. Use that added space to complement the existing design and décor. When others walk into the bathroom with a modern and clean design, they’ll be in for a treat.

Why Modern Cabinets & Vanities are Perfect for Your Space

When it comes to the cabinets and vanities for your bathroom, think about the space. With the modern appeal and style, you’ll provide additional space while choosing the right model for your room. With the modern style, you’re presented with a multitude of options for size, style, and color.

When you see a bathroom cabinet set or vanity that you’re interested in, get in touch with us. We’ll take your interests and help you make the smart decision when it comes to your home remodel project. Call us today.