Cabinet Door Styles: What You Should Know

The focal point of your home is the kitchen, and when entering the kitchen, cabinets take the focus. They lay the groundwork for the overall design of the home. With cabinets, one of the areas you need to focus on during your remodel are the doors, from the style to the color.

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What to Take Into Account When Looking at Cabinet Doors

Planning a new kitchen can be stressful and time-consuming. Whether you’re updating to modernize the home or updating the look to appeal more to your appliances, the cabinets are the top priority to maintaining an attractive look and appeal. Read More

How Bathroom Vanities Enhance the Look of Your Bathroom

cheap bathroom cabinetsWithout the right attention and design, bathrooms–from the home’s master bathroom to the powder room–can look boring and lifeless. For any bathroom remodel, it’s difficult to wade through the different options to choose the right style.

As you’re remodeling the bathroom and looking at different paints, stone countertops, or a particular mirror design, don’t overlook the cabinets and vanities. With modern RTA bathroom vanities from In Stock Kitchens, you can transform the look and feel of your room into one of comfort.

Bathroom vanities exhibit a more appealing appearance in the room, making the vanity the focal point while offering some extra space. A single vanity will fit in the corner, enabling you to get the most of your space. Double vanities, on the other hand, present a larger sense of functionality and style for master bathrooms.

For all cabinets and vanities in your bathroom, it’s important to keep two things in mind: design and functionality.

Bathroom Cabinet Functionality

There are little things associated with the cabinets that can have a huge impact on their functionality. These factors include the swing of the cabinet door or the depth of the vanity. With everything in an accessible place, there will be smooth transitions from the old bathroom to the new. For smaller bathroom, it may be the best option to choose an open vanity without cabinets. Mounting cabinets to the wall as opposed to under the sink can help create additional space and keep the doors from being blocked. Think about the space you have in your bathroom, and design your room accordingly.

Bathroom Cabinet Design

Once you know how you’d like the space to function, that’s when you turn to the design. Whether modern or rustic, utilize vanities to help make the room feel more open. A nice way to give your cabinets and vanities some character is to use trendy materials to create a lasting impression. An example would be to utilize a double vanity with accent cabinets. Use your creativity to make a lasting impression.

Bathroom vanities from In Stock Kitchens come in a variety of themes and styles, playing an integral role in the bathroom makeover.

Don’t let the often lengthy process of choosing your affordable and cheap bathroom cabinets and vanities overwhelm you. Utilize your personal style and creativity when you’re ready to start the process of a bathroom remodel. If you browse the collections at In Stock Kitchens, we’re confident you’ll find a vanity that suits your style. Browse online and get the perfect vanity and cabinets for your new bathroom.

The Difference Between Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

cheap stock cabinetsAre kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities the same? As you consider options for your home remodel, there are many similarities between the cabinetry used in both your kitchen and bathroom, but there are a few subtle differences.

These differences make the vanities in your bathroom much more suitable for their use. The similarities with quality and cheap bathroom cabinets include the design and construction. With the durability and unique patterns included with birch wood, our cabinets stand the test of time and are stained to the color of your choosing.

You can use the same stain in both rooms, or change the stain of the bathroom vanities. While the finish and construction can remain the same, what’s the main difference between bathroom and kitchen cabinets?

That answer lies in the size of the cabinetry. Cabinets and vanities in the bathroom are scaled smaller in both size and depth.

Bathroom cabinets are a bit shorter and more shallow.

With bathroom cabinets, you’ll typically find a depth of 21 inches compared to the 24 inches seen in most kitchen varieties.

The length of the cabinets become shorter in bathrooms, as well. The typical kitchen cabinets measures around 34.5 inches compared to the 31-inch bathroom cabinetry.

These measurements can be customized depending on the size of your bathroom. For both small and large bathrooms in your home, cabinets and vanities from In Stock Kitchens help you create a functional and perfect living space.

Purchase your bathroom cabinets to match your kitchen cabinets, or go for a completely different look with a new stain. Just know that with the subtle differences between the two cabinet types you’re not sacrificing quality or storage space whether it’s the master bathroom or the powder room.

For quality and affordable cheap stock cabinets stained to the color of your choosing, shop at In Stock Kitchens. We have the size you need to create the perfect space and ambiance in both your kitchen and bathroom.

Choosing Maple Stained Wood for Your Bathroom Remodel

maple bathroom vanitiesFor your bathroom remodel, choosing the style cabinet is a huge decision. You need to consider what is best for your space and what will match best with surrounding décor. Another factor that comes into your decision is the durability to last many years without needing to reface or remodel again in a year or two.

Choosing stained maple bathroom cabinets comes with many benefits that will leave your space with a timeless appeal. Maple stained woods have been used in the bathrooms of many homeowners, providing a classical look that appeals to the modern styles of many remodel and redesign projects.

With a quality birch wood that is stained to the maple colors that will shine in your bathroom, what are some of the benefits you’ll see?

Versatility: Because the birch wood is stained, you have control over the color and appearance of your maple stains. Depending on the size of your bathroom and the cabinetry you’re looking for, the versatility makes sure you have the design and color scheme that appeals to you. Maple stains help you achieve the look of your dreams.

Durability: You’ll find that the maple stained wood is extremely durable, helping you get the most of your maple bathroom vanity. Your cabinets will be able to withhold the wear and tear all cabinets endure, as well as the changing of temperatures and lighting that could cause warping or cracking in other cabinet materials. The strength of the quality solid wood helps your cabinets last for the long-term.

Appealing Finish: Due to the versatility of the stains, the smooth finishes and even grains provide a beautiful appearance. With its lighter tone, the maple can complement a variety of countertop materials and surrounding walls. With its versatility, make the most of your bathroom remodel with the appealing finish of maple stains.

Low Price: The solid birch wood is available at a much lower price than most other woods. At In Stock Kitchens, we offer bathroom vanities at some of the best price points. To take advantage of the durability, strength, and natural appeal at the best prices, shop for your bathroom vanities and receive the attractive designs that make your bathroom stand out.

Starting the New Year Right with New Bathroom Vanities

new bathroom vanities at discount pricesAs you’re preparing for the New Year and the work ahead to complete all home remodeling and upgrading projects, start the year with brand new bathroom vanities. Make your New Year’s resolution to upgrade or replace the bathroom vanities with the finest construction of solid wood cabinets that look perfect in your bathroom.

Our quality and cheap bathroom cabinets at In Stock Kitchens have a focus on the details. When it comes to choosing the right bathroom vanities, keep our tips in mind, including quality, budget, and various styles.

We have a few favorites that help make sure your New Year’s resolution is fulfilled properly, from the shades of vanities to the construction, drawer glides, and designs. Here are some of the timeless and classic designs that can help your bathroom or powder room look great for years to come.

Cherry Stained Wood Vanities

The style and color that come with cherry panel vanity cabinets is superior from In Stock Kitchens. The craftsmanship of its construction and dovetailed drawers create a collection that will help make your vanities stand out in the bathroom.

You’ll receive the best prices with RTA cabinetry and the construction will stand the test of time. Durable, stable, resistant to scratches and water, and long-lasting, our Cherry stained Wood vanities is one of the best vanities to start your new year off right.

Maple Stained Wood Vanities

A lighter wood style, the maple style can help transform the look and feel of your bathroom. Perfectly complemented by granite or marble countertops, and matching all wallpapers or paints, maple color wood gives your bathroom a sense of beauty.

The maple stains are affordable quality cabinets that are both functional and durable. With this style, it’s easy to make your bathroom perfect. If you would like a mixture of classic and modern, that brings the durability and strength you’ve come to expect of cabinets, then our maple color wood is right for you.

Walnut Stained Wood Vanities

This beautiful style of wood-stained vanities is traditional, matching both countertops and other hardware surrounding the vanity. The walnut stains provide a charming appeal, helping bring you back in time. The traditional style creates a timeless look and provides the same strength and stability as the other collections presented at In Stock Kitchens. Complete the interior of your bathroom with walnut wood stained vanities that bring out the best in your bathroom design.

As the calendar year changes and you’re stuck looking at the same bathroom design you have been for years, just know that quality cabinetry and vanities are out there, helping you modernize and transform your bathroom without breaking budget. Shop at In Stock Kitchens today.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying New Bathroom Vanities

bathroom vanities onlineRemodeling the bathroom—from the master bathroom to the powder room—is an extensive project that requires much consideration. When you don’t keep up with the design of your bathroom, it reflects poorly on your home and taking the time to decorate and remodel enhances the aesthetic appeal.

The only rule you should be considering when it comes to your cheap bathroom cabinets and vanities is your personality. Make sure whichever style you choose will reflect your personality. When it comes to your renovation of bathroom vanities, keep these tips in mind.

Define Your Style

Every homeowner and family has a unique personality. Styles are difficult to define, and whether you’re looking for a sleek, modern, or rustic feel, there are vanities available to meet your needs. You don’t have to match the vanity in your bathroom to the existing style of your home. Make it stand out.

You have free reign with your bathroom. It’s where you can be daring with your design, adaptable with convenient features, or simple and straightforward. With a nice color scheme, you’ll be making a statement and defining your unique style.

Take Size into Account

Your bathroom vanities and affordable quality cabinets do two things for your bathroom. They provide storage for toiletries and hide plumbing. Vanities are trending more simplistic, losing its storage space in an effort to make the bathroom seem larger.

But it’s important to make sure you choose an appropriate size for your vanity. From open shelving solid wood drawers and doors, give yourself enough room for all your necessities and bathroom essentials, including extra towels, soaps, and toiletries.

Placing an emphasis on the appropriate size can give you enough space for a stylish backsplash and small, framed mirrors. Make it a light look with the appropriate size.

Color & Finish

Whether a vibrant white color or a solid wood finish, make your vanity cabinets dramatic and appealing. The solid wood provides some elegance, sophistication, and beauty that is both durable and appealing.

Whichever style you choose, it should complement your overall strategy and design. Create a stunning look with your finish and quality design.

At In Stock Kitchens, we have the bathroom vanities and cabinets that will transform the look and feel of your room. Browse the various options and choose the style that fits your personality.

What You Need to Know About Walnut Shaker Bathroom Vanities

walnut shaker bathroom vanitiesAs you walk into the bathroom every day, the same look and feel gets old quick. You start to envision a new design, a new color, and a new overall look when you step foot into the bathroom each morning. You want style and functionality, storage and convenience.

When you’re considering a warmer wood for style and class with your affordable quality cabinets, the walnut shaker style from In Stock Kitchens gives a classy old finish with an innovative and new-look style. There are plenty of benefits associated with warmer wood vanities in the bathroom.

Don’t let these prices fool you on our cheap bathroom cabinets. The quality construction and box finish delivers durability and clean finishes to make your bathroom pop.

Freestanding Vanity

In powder rooms or half baths, homeowners opt for the freestanding vanity option to make a statement. The freestanding style opens up the bathroom and the warm mocha shakers include clean, simplistic lines that will stand out to both you and your guests.

Modern Touch With a Mocha Color

The warm, rich color can illuminate any room. The modern touch also complements with a classic look. The vanities and cabinets will pair perfectly with any wall color and countertop material. This timeless vanity style is durable, gives a quality look, and a natural appeal to any space.

Storage Space & Accessories

The boxed construction of our java shaker vanities includes a ton of storage space. For any bathroom, storage is a necessity. From linens to your toiletries to cleaning supplies and extra soaps, you put a priority on your storage. With full overlay doors and drawers, and dovetailed drawer boxes. Maximize your storage space with organizers or drawer dividers that you can add into the vanity drawers.

Choose Vanity Cabinets

Bathroom vanities from In Stock Kitchens are made to last. Your bathroom should be calm and relaxing. Whether a big room or a small space, choose a bathroom vanity that complements the space you have. You can’t go wrong with a walnut shaker style vanity. Shop with In Stock Kitchens to transform the look and feel of your bathroom.

What Makes a Good, Quality Bathroom Cabinet

0368045_pe549450_s5As you’re remodeling the bathroom, sometimes the cabinets are overlooked. You think about the countertops, the shower, and the color of the walls, but it’s the cabinets that can make or break the look and feel of your bathroom.

If you mismatch materials, forget about storage space, or just choose the first set of cabinets you see, you’re making a mistake. You can get affordable quality cabinets that make your new bathroom design stand out.

Cabinet Material

There are many different materials that you see in the bathroom. And while there are many great cheap bathroom cabinets, you don’t want to have to replace a vanity if the frame warps.

Making sure that the material is quality is critical because moisture and humidity from the shower can cause your vanities to crack or discolor when they’re not quality. Plus, you could see a sagging countertop if the cabinets can’t support it, which worsens over time and forces you to get replacement vanities.

The best material for cabinetry is solid wood. Solid wood cabinets and vanities have strong and sturdy capabilities, and all woods from maple to oak to birch are excellent materials.

Grade A plywood is also very durable and a great choice if you want quality while staying within your budget. Then there’s MDF bathroom vanities, which are the most economical, but you may feel that you’ll wind up needing a stronger material a few years down the line.

Cabinet Drawers

Your drawers should be somewhere between 3/8” and ½” thick. At In Stock kitchens our drawers have 5/8” solid wood sides and a 3/8” Grade A plywood bottom.


Know how much storage you’re going to need. Take inventory of what you currently store in your cabinets and how much extra space you’ll need.

The size of your bathroom must be taken into account. Work with the architecture of your bathroom. Don’t try to fit a huge vanity or cabinet into a tiny space, as it won’t look right. With size comes height. Around 30-36 inches is the right size for your cabinets, but inquire with a professional what would work right in your kitchen.

The best policy for storage is to add about 20% more space than you think you’ll need. It’s better to be safe with the storage space than to run out of room.

A Quality Bathroom Cabinet

Select a sturdy material, ensure it’s able to withstand the daily use, and have it stand up to the moisture and humidity commonly experienced in bathrooms. Once you have a material in mind, browse through our website and choose a cabinet style that we have in stock!

The Benefits of Modern Bathroom Cabinets

bathroom vanities

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Your bathroom should provide comfort and an area in which you have storage space for all your toiletries. Installing cabinets provides the functionality that you need while giving you the space necessary to breathe easier.

You can transform the look of your master bathroom or powder room with cheap bathroom cabinets that define the room. The modern cabinets are much more ornate and simple than the traditional cabinets of the past.

Modern bathroom vanities and cabinets are wall mounted, giving you added space under and around the vanity. There are many benefits to choosing a modern style—and the same can be said when you’re considering quality kitchen cabinets—and here is what you should be considering.

Storage Space with Bathroom Cabinets

With a modern design comes extra—and much needed—space for storage. Many modern bathroom cabinets and vanities have drawers and cabinets built into the design. With the modern styles and finishes, it has more contemporary hardware and cleaner lines than a traditional look.

The added space you’ll see—even in smaller sized bathrooms—will help transform the room and ensure you’re able to maximize the amount of storage. With our bathroom products, you can never have too much storage capacity. Modern styles help you make the most of that.

Coordinated Look With Your Cabinets & Vanities

Bathroom cabinets come in a variety of sizes and styles to help you coordinate the décor of the room with the vanities. The modern look and variety helps you coordinate a unified look with your cabinets.

No matter the size of the bathroom, the modern appeal creates a sense flow in the room, helping each accent and cabinet to complement the existing aspects of the room. The rustic look of the modern cabinets don’t take up as much space as the traditional look, helping you take advantage of minimal space with modern cabinetry.

Designs & Décor Surrounding the Cabinets

Bathrooms and powder rooms are difficult to decorate. Often, you don’t have as much space as you thought and your design isn’t complementing the existing décor. With modern cabinetry and vanities from In Stock Kitchens, every piece in your bathroom will be functional and appear beautiful.

The clean and smooth lines of a modern design helps you save space. Use that added space to complement the existing design and décor. When others walk into the bathroom with a modern and clean design, they’ll be in for a treat.

Why Modern Cabinets & Vanities are Perfect for Your Space

When it comes to the cabinets and vanities for your bathroom, think about the space. With the modern appeal and style, you’ll provide additional space while choosing the right model for your room. With the modern style, you’re presented with a multitude of options for size, style, and color.

When you see a bathroom cabinet set or vanity that you’re interested in, get in touch with us. We’ll take your interests and help you make the smart decision when it comes to your home remodel project. Call us today.