The Benefits of Birch Wood Cabinets for Your Kitchen

walnut shaker kitchen cabinetsAre you planning a kitchen redesign on a budget? There are many styles, patterns, and design that will be appealing in your home. The bulk of your budget will be spent on your kitchen cabinets, so how can you create a beautiful kitchen while spending less on cabinets?

Enjoy natural beauty and appeal with birch wood. The straight grain patterns and strength of birch last many years, helping you achieve the perfect kitchen while saving more to invest on the surrounding appliances.

What Will You See From Birch Wood Cabinets?

At In Stock Kitchens, you can create the stain finish that appeals to you. From light maple to dark wood or a walnut shaker kitchen, there’s an option perfect for your space. The stain finishes create an extremely versatile wood. You can save while replicating the more expensive maple, cherry, or walnut natural woods.

Birch Wood is a Strong Option

With the versatility to create the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, plus the money you’ll save by choosing a quality birch wood, you’re also investing in a strong cabinet option. It is proven to have a high tensile strength rating, which means it is sturdy to hold screws and nails when cabinet doors are frequently opened and closed.

What You Can Expect to Pay for Birch Wood Cabinets

Costs depend on the size of your kitchen and how many cabinets you need. Whether you choose special features or stick to the stock cabinets also play in a factor in the final cost.

Another factor playing a significant role in the cost is whether you choose ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets or pre-assembled. RTA will come with a slight discount in comparison. Plus, when buying kitchen cabinets at wholesale prices online helps you save more.

Birch wood is a strong and durable option that keeps money in the budget for other kitchen remodeling projects. Make sure you browse the stains and available options that appeal to your interests and would look best in your kitchen. At In Stock Kitchens, we help you get the best prices for a natural wood kitchen.

Tips to Save Money When Investing in New Kitchen Cabinets

discount kitchen cabinetsAre you looking to buy kitchen cabinets on a budget? Most of the time, it’s about the style you choose, the finish you like, and the designs you incorporate into the drawers and doors.

The good news is, it’s not too difficult to find quality kitchen cabinets at a price point that meets or is under your specified budget. Plus, you can make the kitchen pop. In fact, you can achieve your dream kitchen, sans top of the line appliances, by stretching your budget with these cost-cutting tips.

Choose a Nice, Affordable Wood Species

If you choose the right wood species, you can cut hundreds of dollars off the cost of your cabinets and the remodel. The collection at In Stock Kitchens are those affordable quality cabinets that help transform your kitchen. We use strong, durable, cost effective European Birch. Choose the style you like and the doors that give you the most comfort. Wood can be a timeless, beautiful addition to your kitchen. You’ll find the most affordable wood species right here in all of our collections.

Full-Extension Glides at Partial-Extension Prices

Full extension glides are common upgrades for homeowners, however at In Stock Kitchens our cabinet collections come with full-extension undermount or side mount glides giving you the most bang for you buck as far as space utilization without the frustration.

Choose A Cabinet Collection With Glaze For An Added Flare

Glaze offers an added aesthetic appeal to the finish in your kitchen, taking your look one step further than a simple paint or stain. If you want something bold and brilliant take a look at our Bright White collection, however if you want something a little more timeless check out our Vintage White Collection that has just that hint of glazing to really soften the look.

Fall In Love With Your Cabinets

Our In stock cabinets can save you up to 30% off fully customized cabinetry, but you can still get the custom feel with accents like corbels, turnposts, cabinet legs and more. The right hardware and countertop material can also help upgrade the appeal of your cabinets, and they come at a lesser cost.

When you need to stick to your budget, trust In Stock Kitchen to provide a quality cabinet at the best price. Browse our collection and get started on your new kitchen feel today.

Why Should I Order Kitchen Cabinets Online?

Kitchen Cabinets Online | We order so many things online today. Shoes, electronics, even items for our pets! So why wouldn’t you consider ordering kitchen cabinets online? People have many misconceptions about ordering large items, like cabinets, online. Here are a few reasons why you should reconsider:

  • Shop from the comfort of home. How nice is it to shop when you’re comfortable? It’s great. You can spend as much time as you need looking, choosing different designs, and researching you want when shopping at home.
  • There’s no pressure. While it can be helpful to have a designer or showroom expert help you with cabinets, you sometimes can feel pressured into choosing right away. When shopping online, you can get help when you need it, without any pressure to buy right away.
  • It’s usually cheaper. By shopping online, and skipping the big showrooms, you avoid a lot of unnecessary costs. As long as you have the correct measurements, you’re ready to shop and get what you need at a great price!

Shopping for kitchen cabinets online is a breeze! is here to make the process easy so you can get the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of. Contact us today to see how you can get a gourmet kitchen for a fraction of the cost!

Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

kitchen remodeling

Everyone knows what a huge project it is to remodel or renovate their kitchen and all the variables that there are to consider. Homeowners often times picture this amazing project of their ideal dream kitchen when beginning a project such as this. It is for those reasons that it is so important to stop, take a breath, and examine all elements in designing and planning process.


It’s imperative that your kitchen has efficient functionality, as well as aesthetic beauty. After all, its greater purpose in a home is to serve your family and guests. How many people will be moving about this space? Are all of you appliances located in an easily accessible fashion and layout? You can properly and effectively space your appliances by utilizing a triangle design.

Mind the “Small Stuff”

Have you considered any organizational aids such as cabinet drawers, inserts, and dividers? If not, you may want to! This can improve the overall efficacy, and if you wait to worry about it later, it could be much more costly.

Budget, Budget, Budget

First thing’s first – most people spend about 1/3 of their total kitchen design budget on kitchen cabinets. Luckily, buying kitchen cabinets online from a kitchen cabinets wholesaler like In Stock Kitchens can help minimize the costs. Now list the “must haves” and be sure to have these included in every possible kitchen design. Keep these concepts and ideas in mind as you go through the process.


One very important thing to remember, kitchen cabinets and countertops can always be built to accommodate the appliances, but the other way around! By selecting your appliances first, you can help improve functionality.

There are of course a ton more aspects to consider when going through such a major plan, but these are some of the most important ones to consider. If you feel as if you may not be completely up to the task, don’t worry! In Stock Kitchens is here to help plan and design your kitchen, while considering all of these variables and much more!

Save Big Money By Using Online Cabinet Wholesalers!

Kitchen cabinet wholesalers are a dream come true for home owners; they make it possible to completely remodel any kitchen or bathroom without having to break the bank. You can save even more money by browsing the internet! Online wholesalers are able to cut costs for the consumer because they don’t have any of those additional costs that a local wholesaler might have. With e-commerce wholesale kitchen cabinets, additional costs are now a thing of the past!

kitchen cabinet wholesalers
Any online store that sells kitchen or bathroom cabinets will be cheaper than your local showroom, that’s just how it is. As mentioned before with unbelievable rents and overhead costs, they are paid for by the customer. Couple the saved costs with various promotions that a business like In Stock Kitchens runs constantly, you won’t be able to find higher quality cabinets at a lower price, we guarantee it!

Our customers are also able to sign up for promotional email updates and alerts. These alerts highlight all the programs that our customers can take full advantage of when purchasing their kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Programs such as financing, assembly, free delivery, and much more! We are always running holiday promotions to further discount our already huge discount products. All you have to do is register by submitting some basic contact information such as your name and email. We also often times run promotions to help our customers save even more money. For example, a recent promotion we ran was if you purchase $2,500 worth of products, we will offer free delivery! We run promo’s such as this all the time!

kitchen cabinet financing
Even with all of these incredible promotions, we encourage our customers to do the research and make the best decision for them. We are so confident in our quality and price that we know our customers will always come back to ISK. You can order sample doors to get a first-hand look at our quality and our customer service is unparalleled!