Cabinet Door Styles: What You Should Know

The focal point of your home is the kitchen, and when entering the kitchen, cabinets take the focus. They lay the groundwork for the overall design of the home. With cabinets, one of the areas you need to focus on during your remodel are the doors, from the style to the color.

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What to Take Into Account When Looking at Cabinet Doors

Planning a new kitchen can be stressful and time-consuming. Whether you’re updating to modernize the home or updating the look to appeal more to your appliances, the cabinets are the top priority to maintaining an attractive look and appeal. Read More

The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors in 2019

Heading into the summer of 2019, many homeowners are planning their home remodeling projects. When the focus is on the kitchen, the biggest decision you make is the cabinets. However, when you walk into a cabinet showroom, you can be quickly and easily overwhelmed. With the styles, colors, and designs, there are many options and it can be tough to narrow them down. Read More

For the Budget-Conscious DIY’er: RTA Cabinets

Quality and value come in many forms. With cabinets, you can get the best value and still maintain quality with RTA cabinetry. For do-it-yourself homeowners, RTA is an optimal choice, but it’s important to understand what you’re purchasing.

Ready to assemble is delivered just as you would expect, in flat slabs ready for you to assemble and install. All cabinets start as parts, but with RTA you’re not getting high-end showroom custom cabinets, rather you’re purchasing slabs that don’t include any types of specialty pieces. Read More

What is the Most Popular Color for Kitchen Cabinets?

As you begin to decide whether you want to upgrade the kitchen with a fresh remodel and updated cabinets, you’d want to do your research and see what colors and styles are trending with cabinets. The color of your chosen cabinets has the highest impact than any other area in your kitchen to the look and feel of the space. Read More

Why Choose Stained Wood Cabinets for your New Kitchen

When it comes to saving money for kitchen remodels, there are alternative avenues you can take that help you stay on budget. There are many enhancements and upgrades you can choose to customize the kitchen, but there are many values adds and the benefits you’ll receive from choosing stained wood cabinets. Read More

The Characteristics of Birth Wood Kitchen Cabinets

For a new kitchen remodel, you need versatile cabinets that help you achieve your dream kitchen on a budget. At In Stock Kitchens, all of our quality cabinetry is made from birch wood, with the ability to stain to the color of your choosing. Read More

A Quick Look at Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

When you’re undergoing a kitchen renovation, it helps to know each area that you’re looking to upgrade and what different styles are called. The cabinets are one of the main focal points in your home, and the door styles are an essential element of the overall design. Read More

Choosing Between Light or Dark Kitchen Cabinets

The color of your cabinets will transform the look and feel of your kitchen. The cabinets will affect of a wide variety of aspects included in the home, especially in the kitchen space. The color you end up selecting for your kitchen cabinets will end up being the single most important decision you can make for your home remodel. How should you choose between dark or light kitchen cabinets for your home? Read More

Identifying the Signs that You Need New Kitchen Cabinets

When you spend most of the time at home in your kitchen, you may begin to notice tell tale signs that the cabinets need to be updated. While you may feel that a fresh stain or paint of the cabinets will do the trick, it will be more beneficial in the long run if you upgrade the kitchen with new cabinets.

What are some of the signs that can help you decide now is the time to invest in new shaker kitchen cabinets? At In Stock Kitchens, we have low-cost, quality cabinets in a variety of styles that can help you achieve your dream kitchen space.

Drawers are Broken

When drawers are off their hinges or they’re not aligned properly, a re-painting of the wood won’t solve the problem. When the drawers don’t open properly, it’s time to think about replacing the entire set of cabinets. You could wait it out, but the inevitable is near and you’ll then have to replace them when you’re not getting any use out of the drawers.

The Finish is Peeling or Damaged

Old cabinets can experience more than just general wear and tear. If there is any sense of cabinets peeling at the edges or damage to the finish, the best option is to get them fully replaced. Whether they have been exposed to heat, steam, or water damage, or there is damage to the core of the cabinetry, they may start to deteriorate quicker than expected. If the cabinets look old and tired, it’s time to upgrade.

You’ve Upgraded the Appliances

If you’ve recently upgraded the appliances in the kitchen, from the refrigerator to the dishwasher, it may make the cabinets look out of place. Even worse, if you buy a new refrigerator, you could see that it doesn’t fit quite right in the allotted space. It’s difficult to modify old cabinetry, and new cabinets can help add a fresh look to the space.

When you’re ready to upgrade the kitchen with new pre-assembled or RTA kitchen cabinets that make the space pop and create an inviting atmosphere, browse our catalog today. At In Stock Kitchens, there are a variety of quality cabinets to transform your kitchen.