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Comparing Ready to Assemble with Pre-Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

Remodeling the kitchen requires careful planning, attention to detail, and sticking to your budget. There are plenty of options available that can be intriguing, but the price points aren’t within your set aside budget. The cabinets take up the bulk of your kitchen remodel budget and are arguably the most important decision you will make. Quality cabinets that last for many years ensure you get the most for your dollar. Read More

Deciding Whether You Want a Modern, Contemporary, or Transitional Kitchen

The style of your home is highly personal, and the kitchen is used to bring out your personality. Through its design, construction, style, and overall ambiance, you want the kitchen to be the focal point and attraction of your home. It sets the stage for the ambiance and comfort of your entire home. Read More

Choosing the Right Cabinet Style for Your Kitchen

quality kitchen cabinetsWhen you’re remodeling the kitchen, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There are many decisions to make, from the color stain to the style to the door style and hinges. There are thousands of combinations available, so how can you be sure you’re making the right decision?

The cabinets are the defining feature of the kitchen, creating a character and establishing an ambiance. Here’s what to look for when you’re considering upgrading your quality kitchen cabinets and choosing the right style for your space.

Kitchen Layout

Before choosing the cabinets, decide on the optimal kitchen layout for your space. It’s the first step to planning for the right cabinets. Assess where the appliances will sit and the arrangement of the countertops, refrigerator, and cabinets. Once you have a mockup of the layout of the entire kitchen, you can then focus on the type of cabinets for your home.

Choosing a Wood

At In Stock Kitchens, all of our cabinets are made with quality birch wood, stained to a color of your choosing. From light to dark, the color you choose can be at all ends of the spectrum. Take the end look into consideration before making a decision and visualize the even stains.

Parts & Accessories

The cabinets aren’t complete without added accessories, from handles, pulls, soft-closing doors and drawers, as well as hinges. The right parts and accessories can add to the aesthetic of your kitchen, providing an added elegance and sophistication.

Selecting the Finishing Options

The finish chosen for the cabinets reflects the look and feel of the home. When it comes to the finish, you’re presented with three options. You can have the cabinets varnished, stained, or painted. At In Stock Kitchens, we stain the cabinets to the finish of your choosing. From white to oak to cherry, mahogany and black stains, there is an option for everyone.

Selecting new kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to be difficult. Some background research and a vision from your standpoint will help you get on your way. When you’re looking for kitchen cabinets for sale at a discounted price, shop In Stock Kitchens.

What Cabinet Door Style is Right for Your Kitchen?

affordable kitchen cabinetsThe kitchen is the focal point of your home, where family and friends mingle. You want the kitchen to stand out, and that starts with the cabinets. How will your cabinets set the tone for your home?

The tone of your cabinets is defined by the doors. The different designs and styles of doors can define your home for years to come. With affordable quality cabinets from In Stock Kitchens, you’re presented with many options that will work best for your home remodeling project.

There are many popular styles of doors where some styles are more prone to a traditional kitchen design while others are seen more in transitional or modern kitchen designs.

  • Raised Panel: Through a raised center panel on the doors of the cabinetry, you’ll find a surrounding contour that makes for an elegant and smooth finish. Best suited for a traditional or transitional kitchen, raised panel is available in a few variations. From a square raised panel to an arched or cathedral looking panel. Raised panel doors have maintained their elegant appeal for many years and are a top option for homeowners remodeling their home.
  • Slab Doors: Often used in a contemporary design, the slab cabinet door is solid and does not include a panel or a frame. The slab doors are simply a flat slab and have no accents, contours, or recessed panels.
  • Flat Panel Doors: Unlike the raised panel doors, a flat panel door gets its name because the center panel is flat as opposed to raised. Homeowners seek flat panel doors when they wish to accomplish a sleek and clean design. On the flat panel door, the outer edges are raised instead of the center panel, creating a natural appeal. These doors pair nicely with traditional designs.

The door has a lasting effect on the overall appearance and appeal of the kitchen. When you’re looking to redesign the kitchen, our kitchen cabinets for sale are made of the highest quality birch wood and stained to match the feel of your space and your home. Browse our inventory online and find the right door style that will add to the allure of your kitchen space.

Tips for Choosing the Right Stain for Wood Cabinets

quality kitchen cabinetsOne of the biggest decisions for any kitchen remodel is the color of your cabinetry. While you can take a look at colors and figure whether it would look right in your home, it’s likely that the stain color may be a little different once applied to your cabinets. Knowing some of the finer details about the stains and the styles of kitchen the stains will complement can further push you in the right direction.

Establishing quality kitchen cabinets takes many factors into consideration, like construction and type of wood, but the stain color may be the most important. Stains can take on a slightly different look for different types of grains, and how well the wood can absorb the stain can also impact the finished product.

Cabinets are a central part of the home, and the stain choice can make or break your entire home design. These tips can help you understand how stain colors work with the elements in your kitchen.

  • Oak or Blonde Stains: Staining the wood in a light blonde or oak color help you establish a traditional look in the home.
  • Brown Stains: Darker brown stains have been gaining in popularity over the traditional oak stains. They help achieve a stark contrast with stainless steel appliances and create an eye-appealing kitchen design. However, if using this stain in a smaller kitchen space, it can lead to a dark and dreary appearance. If you have stainless steel appliances and lighter neutral backsplashes in the kitchen space, brown stains like cherry colored can assist in making your kitchen stand out.
  • Black: As kitchens are turning into a modern tone and feature, black stains have started to appear in more kitchens. It’s a neutral stain that pairs well with bold colors in the kitchen. One idea homeowners are shifting toward is splitting the stain to choose black for lower cabinetry and lighter options for upper cabinets.
  • White: The clean look of white stains are optimal for small and medium sized spaces. White naturally complements any color of appliance and countertop.

The best tip before making a choice of stain when you’re buying kitchen cabinets is to look at the colors in the lighting of your kitchen. Take a sample of the stain into your kitchen to understand how it will react to the lighting and feel of the space.

Sometimes it’s best to be patient. This is one of the biggest investments you can make for your home. Your wood may not absorb the stain the same way as other wood species, affecting the outcome of the stain. Find the perfect stain for your kitchen at In Stock Kitchens when you’re searching for kitchen cabinets for sale.

What You Need to Know Before Buying New Kitchen Cabinets

buy kitchen cabinetsThe process of buying new kitchen cabinets is elaborate and a huge decision. Before you go to a cabinet showroom or choose to buy kitchen cabinets online, it’s recommended that you have some knowledge, know the questions to ask, and save time when it comes to making the right decision that will lead to quality cabinetry.

Set your Budget

A kitchen remodel can be very expensive. Almost half of that budget will be used on the kitchen cabinets, so setting your total maximum budget before looking helps you narrow your options. Cabinets set the tone of the entire kitchen, transforming your space. By understanding what your budget is prior to looking for the cabinetry, you can make the proper decision for your home.

Measure the Space in your Kitchen

When you’re shopping at In Stock Kitchens and buying your cabinets online, you’ll have to have an accurate measurement of the space. Whether you are simply upgrading and keeping the measurement the same, or expanding the cabinetry or cutting back to allow more space for accessories, you’ll need to have the proper measurements before you go shopping. This way, you’ll be able to provide accurate information and receive accurate estimates for the cost of your cabinetry.

Think about the kinds of cabinets

Whether you’re going with stock cabinets, semi-custom, or completely custom, knowing this beforehand has many benefits and speeds up the process. Stock cabinets are the least expensive, but can provide the same high quality you’re seeking. At In Stock Kitchens, we have cheap, quality kitchen cabinets that are delivered in the finest birch woods, stained to match your vision.

Narrow the options you’re presented

There can be endless solutions when it comes to drawers, doors, stains, and dividers. The best cabinets should have solid frames, door and drawer fronts, closed backs and reinforced corners. You’ll be opening and closing your drawers many times, so you should select a smooth wood finish that won’t produce wear and tear prematurely.

When you’ve done some research and understand what you need to know before shopping for cabinets, you’ll have a much better experience. Remember these tips when you’re in line for a kitchen remodel.

The Benefits of RTA Cabinets

inexpensive kitchen cabinetsDiffering from custom-built cabinets is an RTA cabinet. The cost of custom cabinets can be substantial, but you’ll save a lot of money without sacrificing quality when you choose RTA.

RTA cabinets are ready to assemble and come shipped in flat slabs that you’ll put together yourself. With ready to assemble quality kitchen cabinets, you’re presented with a huge advantage over other cabinet types. Plus, with the variety of RTA cabinets available, you can be sure you’re choosing a cabinet color and pattern that brings your vision to life.

What are some of the primary benefits, outside of price, that homeowners are choosing to remodel their kitchen with RTA cabinets?

Quick Delivery

By ordering cabinets that aren’t yet assembled, you can have the cabinets at your door quickly Once you order, they’ll be shipped and you’ll have them within weeks and not months. If you’re looking for a quick transformation of your kitchen, opting to get the cabinets without being assembled or customized provides greater flexibility for your schedule.

Variety of Colors

At In Stock Kitchens, our solid wood cabinets are stained to a color of your choice. Whether you opt for a simple white paint, an elegant cherry stain, or a black stained wood finish, there are many options to consider. By staining the wood, you’ll receive the RTA cabinets in the color of your choice and ready to install into your kitchen.

Ease of Assembly

The main reason homeowners choose to go the route of RTA cabinetry is because of the affordable price for a big purchase. An added benefit is that they’re not difficult to assemble. There are very simple steps and instructions provided with the kitchen cabinets that result in sturdy assembly within an hour.

When you’re looking to remodel the kitchen with quality, inexpensive kitchen cabinets, browse the selection we have in our inventory at In Stock Kitchens. With the variety of stains and low prices, you can maintain some of your budget to upgrade other areas of the kitchen space.

Top Reasons to Consider New Cabinets in 2019

inexpensive kitchen cabinetsAs we plan home improvement projects and renovations in the upcoming year, it can be tough to narrow down which areas of your home the focus should be on, especially where to start. Homeowners, their family and friends, spend a lot of time in the kitchen and the space has become a central hub in the home.

In the year 2019, take a strong look at your cabinetry and determine whether you should replace cheap and old cabinets with updated, sturdy, and inexpensive kitchen cabinets. Let’s look at some top reasons that homeowners consider new cabinets.

  • Structural Damage

When you haven’t replaced your cabinets or provided the proper upkeep over years of home ownership, the cabinets may have undergone structural damage and wear and tear accumulation over the years. Cabinets can begin to look worn and grimy after continual opening and closing of the cabinets, adding and removing items, and overall age can help be the leading factor that pushes you in the direction of purchasing new cabinets. Some telltale signs are a rotted frame, water damage, and mold infestation. The wood could be severely falling apart, damaged beyond repair.

  • You’re Looking at a New Layout

If you’re going to completely change the layout of your kitchen, you need a whole new design. You could be changing where the cabinets appear in the space, or adding or subtracting the amount of cabinets based on said changes. You have a unique vision for your kitchen, and new cabinets can help ensure that vision comes to life.

  • New Kitchen Appliances and Accessories

If you’ve recently purchased new appliances or accessories, from countertops to refrigerators to backsplashes or dishwashers, complement those new features to your kitchen space with updated cabinetry. With new technology-focused appliances gaining popularity in the kitchen, including voice-enabled refrigerators and gadgets, your cabinets could be hindering the overall appearance of your kitchen. Get your cabinets to match the new appliances to make the room stand out further. Make sure you’re looking at the big picture and that your Alexa-enabled devices aren’t surrounded by outdated cabinets. We have the cherry and shaker kitchen cabinets that complete the look of your home.

There are many things we take for granted in our homes, and knowing that we use our cabinets multiple times on a daily basis, we shouldn’t overlook our cabinetry. Shop at In Stock Kitchens to find the quality cabinetry that are perfect for your home and new kitchen design.

The Rising Popularity of Dark Wood Kitchen Cabinets

quality kitchen cabinetsDark cabinets are becoming increasingly popular in kitchens across the tri-state area. When we say dark wood, we’re referring to dark colored stains that include black, deep brown, and dark gray. While white cabinets remain popular, dark colors are slowly replacing the white trend.

Whether you’re looking for a minor update to the kitchen or ready to create a dream design in your kitchen, dark wood creates a lasting impact. What is contributing to this shift to a dark shaded kitchen?

Dark colors create an appealing allure that provides a sense of sophistication to your kitchen. With the use of quality kitchen cabinets, you’ll be making a statement with any remodel. There are three core benefits offered with dark color stains that has many homeowners transitioning to the darker style.

  • Versatile
  • Clean
  • Sophisticated

Dark wood stains provide a versatile look that will complement many backsplashes, countertops, and surrounding appliances. You can be open to a wide variety of kitchen hardware and will receive some of the best prices to keep your budget in tact for a compelling and appealing look in the kitchen.

Plus, the clean appearance creates a strong kitchen foundation with an inviting atmosphere. The clean look is effective with lighter backdrops. While it is still needed to regularly maintain the kitchen by cleaning the cabinets, the darker colors don’t show regular wear and tear that homeowners see with white cabinets.

Dark cabinets pair well with modern and sleek designs of new homes, creating a classic and timeless look. With the natural appeal and added sophistication with the bold style, dark wood is seeing a rise in popularity among many homeowners.

When you’re ready to transform the look of your kitchen with dark accents and stains, browse our collections at In Stock Kitchens. We have quality kitchen cabinets for sale that will help you create your dream kitchen.

Are Dark or Light Cabinets Better for Your Home?

buy kitchen cabinetsThe color of your cabinetry can transform the kitchen. All homes are different and unique in their own way, so when you’re getting ready to remodel the kitchen, the color of your cabinets may be the most important decision. Think about the look and feel of your home, and what you’re trying to create with a new design.

When it comes time to buy kitchen cabinets, consider the following to make the right decision for your kitchen space.

  • Think about the size of your kitchen. For smaller kitchen spaces, a darker tone can make the area feel cramped and crowded. In most smaller kitchens, a lighter tone makes the room feel more open and gives the aura of creating more space.
  • What type of mood are your trying to create? Much of the visual space of the kitchen is occupied by the cabinets, so you want the finished color to represent your vision and personality. The cabinet color should be selected prior to the color of any appliance, backsplash, or surrounding decor.
  • Know the kitchen design. Once you have an idea of the new kitchen design, the color choice will become more narrowed. For more traditional kitchens, some lighter whites or cream tones can help complete the kitchen design.
  • Understand which colors will appeal to potential buyers if you end up moving. The spectrum of stained finishes at In Stock Kitchens are neutral and appealing for all homeowners, and updated cabinetry can create a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

Looking closer, our stains are all natural solid wood and can be anywhere from white to light colored wood to dark shades of wood to black.

White cabinets have become a popular choice amongst homeowners. The bright colors create a welcoming environment, also producing a calming effect providing the opportunity to add different colors to other areas of the kitchen.

On the other hand, black and dark colored wood stains work well in traditional kitchens and provide the perfect complement for walls and countertops that use lighter tones. There are an endless variety of colors to choose from, and stained cabinets from In Stock Kitchens highlight the natural character of the wood.

While you can select any color you’d like, think about whether light or dark kitchen cabinets make sense to your home. Plus, you’ll have the option of fully assembled or RTA cabinetry that arrive in the same quality and will stand the test of time.