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General Questions

What are InstockKitchens.com kitchen cabinets made of?

The kitchen cabinets sold at InstockKitchens.com are made out of solid wood, No Particleboard.

Are the kitchen cabinets that are shown on this website the only options that you have?

Yes, the kitchen cabinets that are shown on this website are the only options that we have. We only stock a limited amount of styles, this way we can offer the best pricing on our cabinets.

What do you mean by “All Wood, No Particleboard or MDF”?

RTA kitchen cabinets come in many forms: particle board cabinets, MDF cabinets, and high quality all wood cabinets. Particle board is an engineered wood product manufactured from wood particles, such as wood chips, sawmill shavings, or even saw dust, and a synthetic resin or other suitable binder, which is pressed and extruded. Particleboard is a type of fiberboard, a composite material. Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product formed by breaking down softwood into wood fibers, combining it with wax and a resin binder, and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure. It is somewhat denser than normal particleboard. Particleboard and MDF cabinets tend to sag and swell especially when exposed to moisture. In addition, both materials tend to break or split, especially if screws or nails are used. Screws will have a tendency to lose their grip because the material is made of shredded wood or paper. Screw and nails work much better in plywood or solid wood material. Most of the kitchen cabinets available at major Home Centers are made of fiberboard or partial board. Instockkitchens.com cabinets feature a quality plywood cabinet box and solid wood face frames and doors. The best all wood material makes for the best RTA kitchen cabinets at our deeply discounted prices.

Are custom cabinets available?

No, sorry we do not manufacture any custom cabinetry, however as our cabinets come in 3” width increments our customers do not typically need custom sizes.

Do the kitchen cabinets include the doors and drawers?

Yes, the doors and drawers come together with the kitchen cabinets.

Do you sell rope moldings for the kitchen cabinets?

Yes, we sell rope moldings for the kitchen cabinets.

Are the ends of the cabinets finished or do I have to buy end panels to cover the cabinets?

All of our cabinets have a matching finish on the outside panels.

Does the hardware (the door and drawer handles) shown in the pictures come with the cabinets?

No, the hardware (the door and drawer handles) shown in the pictures do not come with the cabinets.

How do you create a peninsula at the end of your kitchen?

To create a peninsula you would need a base cabinet and a 1/4″ end panel.

Do you have cabinets available with pullouts/rollout trays?

Yes, you have to order them separately.

Are the cabinets pre drilled for the knobs?

The cabinets are not pre-drilled for the knobs or pulls due to the number of styles and sizes that exist.

Do you carry all white cabinets?

Both the Vintage White and Bright White Shaker Collections offer a white outer face with a natural interior finish.

Do the kitchen cabinets have the finish on them?

Yes, the kitchen cabinets are finished on the outside face. Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Chestnut and Dark Chocolate have matching interior finishes and Bright White and Vintage White have natural interior finishes.

Do you sell cabinets without doors?

No, we do not sell cabinets without doors. You can remove the doors and fill the hinge with a touch-up kit.

Can I purchase a few cabinets, or you just sell full kitchen set?

Yes, you can purchase a few cabinets.

Do you sell lightweight, inexpensive cabinets suitable for a mobile home?

Yes, we sell lightweight, inexpensive cabinets suitable for a mobile home.

Can one design their own drawer and cabinet combinations, or are they standard?

The drawer and cabinet combinations are based on industry standards.

What is included in a 10×10 kitchen?

B12 • B21 • CSF36 • DWR3 • SB42 • W1230x2 • W2730 • W3012 • W3330 • W3615 • WDC2430

Do you have to purchase the 10×10 room cabinets or can buy a few cabinets?

You do not have to purchase the 10×10 room cabinets; you can buy any combination of the cabinets individually. A 10×10 layout is simply an industry standard to enable customers to easily compare pricing.

Do you also have counter tops to go with the cabinets?

We only offer counter tops for multi-unit projects.

What does the sample actually consist of, a piece of wood or a full door or drawer face?

A sample consists of a sample door that is about 12 wide by 15 high.

If I order three different door samples, do I get credit for all three when I choose the one I want?


Will I be charged sales tax on my Kitchen Cabinets Order?

Only in NJ and PA – NJ 7% PA 6%

Do you sell unfinished cabinets?

No, we do not sell unfinished cabinets

Do you sell unfinished doors?

No, we do not sell unfinished doors.

Do you carry cabinets for a bookcase?

You can buy a wall cabinet and take off the doors, then with a touch up kit cover the predrilled holes for the hinges.

Do you carry sinks?

Yes. Please view our sink options here.

Do you carry any office cabinets?

Yes, we offer office cabinets.

Do you sell to single-family homeowners?

Yes, due to the high demand for high quality all wood kitchens cabinets we have started selling to single-family homeowners. Therefore, when you buy your kitchen cabinets from In Stock Kitchens you have the benefit of buying direct from the manufacturer.

What would you place on the back of island cabinets to or a peninsula?

A 1/4″ end panel, or decorative end panel.

Do you carry wall kitchen cabinets with glass in the doors?

Yes, we do have some wall kitchen cabinets with glass in the doors. You would have to order them separately. Due to potential issues with delivery it is however often easier to remove the wood center panel and have a local glazier replace the panel with the glass of your choice.

Do you carry desk cabinets?

Yes, we do carry desk cabinets.

What else must be purchased to complete my kitchen?

Filler and moldings are available. It is always wise to purchase a touch-up kit with your order.

What is the difference between Full Overlay, Partial Overlay, and Inset cabinetry?

Full Overlay Collections: Walnut, Bright White, Cherry, Vintage White, Espresso

Partial Overlay Collections: Chestnut, Maple

*In Stock Kitchens does not carry Inset Collections.

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