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Discount RTA Walnut Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

Discount RTA Walnut Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets is today’s proof you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for top-notch solid wood cabinets from factory direct sources. Our discount RTA Walnut Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets have stood the test of time as it has the shaker cabinet design with its clean lines and reversed raised panel wide rail shaker. The beauty of the shaker door and drawer is its simplistic approach to kitchen design; it goes well with many countertop and hardware choices. Our RTA Walnut Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets have dovetail drawers; fully concealed undermount metal glides with reinforced metal “L” brackets unlike other competitors who use plastic ones that tend to break within the first months of owning the cabinet. There are many attributes that make up a quality cabinet like these all-wood kitchen cabinets. Grade A plywood box construction is one of them, while other companies tend to use particleboard since you do not see the box after it is installed by your contractor or yourself, it tends to breakdown over time. Either the pressed particle wood or the cheap camlocks that secure the boxes right angles tend to give out from wear and tear. That’s why InStockKitchens.com uses only quality wood and heavy-duty brackets to support not only the countertop weight but also any additional stress that goes along with years of owning a kitchen. Do you want to own your cabinets for a few years or for a lifetime? With our quality kitchen cabinets, they will last a lifetime.

Walnut Shaker, a collection where its beauty is its simplicity. Inspired by old-world Shakers where form and function prevailed, these all-wood kitchen cabinets are durably constructed from solid birch wood, featuring reversed raised panel door and dovetailed drawers. Straight lines throughout these quality kitchen cabinets further enhance the simple and clean design. Warm in color, clean in style, timeless in design. A subtle blend of traditional and transitional is what makes the Walnut Shaker an everlasting classic. In addition to our walnut shaker style solid wood cabinets from factory direct sources, we also offer walnut raised panel kitchen cabinets.

Walnut shaker kitchen cabinets

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Dishwasher Panel
$155.48 $63.75

Vanity End Skin
$350.48 $143.70

Refrigerator Panel
MSRP: $291.19
Starting at: $119.39

Quarter Round Molding
MSRP: $30.30
Starting at: $12.42

MSRP: $147.54
Starting at: $60.49

Decorative End
MSRP: $155.48
Starting at: $63.75

Glass Door
MSRP: $142.30
Starting at: $58.34

Kitchen Cabinet Wine Rack
$376.83 $149.10

Microwave Cabinet
$376.83 $154.50

Rollout Tray Drawer
MSRP: $85.64
Starting at: $35.11

Showing 21–30 of 36 results

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