Save Money on the Cost of Kitchen Cabinets

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Style Name

American Woodmark

Diamond Prelude

Maple Collection

Price Quoted

10 x 10 Kitchen, Assembled



1,928 √

RTA Price

Assemble yourself, saves 20%



1,606 √

Lead Time

3-4 Weeks

3-4 Weeks

1 1/2 Weeks √

Full-Opening Drawers

Requires premium hardwood, most only open 3/4.

Glazed Stain

Consistent, rich color.

Solid Wood Face Frames

Stronger than the particle board or fiber board, holds nails and screws better.

Solid Wood Doors

Stronger than the particle board or fiber board.

Plywood Cabinet Box

Stronger than the particle board or fiber board.

(Phone survey conducted March 29, 2012)