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Unassembled Kitchen Cabinets

Unassembled Kitchen CabinetsUnassembled kitchen cabinets, also known as RTA (ready to assemble) kitchen cabinets, are a cheaper option for you when you would like to update your kitchen. These cabinets come in several styles, sizes, colors, and depths. When considering RTA cabinets, look at the assembly instructions to be sure you are comfortable assembling the cabinets yourself. Most companies offer an assembly option.

You may feel as though you are overspending when you buy cabinets that are assembled and include installation. If you would like to trim some money from your budget, you can buy unassembled kitchen cabinets right now. These cabinets help you free up money for other parts of the job.

Do not be afraid of the installation process because these cabinets were designed to be assembled quickly during a major renovation. You do not need to worry about any problems with these cabinets because they come with instructions and a full tools list. You can get them assembled on the kitchen floor, and you can mount each one to the wall in moments. Once you get used to assembling these cabinets, you can get the kitchen renovated in a short period of time.


If you decide to assemble the cabinets yourself, you will need a few tools and should always check the assembly instructions to ensure you are using the right tool for the job. By designing, assembling, and installing your cabinets you can truly transform your kitchen into space you can be proud of working in or simply showing off.